Installing with the use of Bungee Cords

  • Carefully determine the distance between the banner and the surface it is to be attached like pole etc. and accordingly select the length of the bungees.
  • Insert one end of the bungee in the grommet and wrap the other end around the pole or fence and either hook it to the cord or insert it in the same grommet.
  • When hanging banner signs, avoid potential injuries by making sure not to hyperextend the cords.

Banner bungees are common banner accessories and offer one of the easiest solutions for hanging banner signs. Bungees are fibertex cords and it can stretch to up to 1.5 times their normal length. Elastic nature allows for moderate wind play, and also keep banners stretched tight.

Banner bungees are 5 to 8 mm thick and made from industrial strength fiber strings.