Sky Tube Curved Triangle Hanging Banners


Durable Sky Tube Curved Triangle Hanging Banners with Modern Look

Promote your brand elegantly with hanging ceiling displays at events. At Bannerbuzz, we make durable sky tube curved triangle hanging banners to help you stand out against your competitors. You can use them at trade shows, conventions, and many other large-scale commercial events. With a modern and minimal look, they ensure impactful visibility to the audience. Increase your ROI at events using our high-quality hanging banners.

We create these banners with sturdy and strong materials. They come with a collapsible aluminum hanging frame and hanging cable that secures the banner to the ceiling. You can also easily set up the banner using- chain, spring, eye hook, large screw, hook loop lock, and screw tightener included in the order package.

Our hanging banner has three graphic panels 12ft width x 5ft height joined together at the shorter edge forming a unique curved appearance. These graphic panels are made of 210 GSM polyester fabric and have a full-color zippered tension print. The print is such that it doesn't fade or bleed with time.

You can also conveniently port this long-lasting banner to anywhere you desire. We provide a complimentary nylon travel bag for this purpose. Carry these banners to events, hang them up and generate buzz around your brand.

Personalized Hanging Banners to Increase Brand Visibility

Our banners can be customized in design to increase your brand reputation and recall value. We offer comprehensive options for you to personalize your banner. You can upload an image, edit our readymade templates, or design using our online tool. Get creative and add your brand name, logo, tagline, and a relevant brand illustration onto the three panels.

All the three panels will have the same printed graphic created by you. You can even opt for double side printing of these panels instead of single side. Due to the curved appearance of these banners, the design printed at the back will be visible to your audience.

Special Bulk Quantity Discounts on Sky Tube Hanging Banners

Get banners with the assurance on quality, performance, and prices at Bannerbuzz. If you are placing an order for more than 1 sky tube hanging banners then you will be eligible for a special bulk discount. We have made an overview table for you mentioning our varying discounts offered, check it out.