Folded Hang Tags


Key Features

  • Versatile Usage: 14-point matte and gloss cardstock folded hang tags for clear messages & logos
  • Customizable option: Personalize with vibrant colors, designs, and custom finishes
  • Eco-Friendly: Recyclable tags for sustainable branding and reduced environmental impact
  • Bulk Orders: Available in quantities from 250 to 5000 to accommodate all business sizes
  • Durable Material: Long-lasting quality ensures tags remain pristine, enhancing brand image
  • User-Friendly: Easy online customization with pre-made layouts or upload your own design

Product Overview

Superior Folded Hang Tags: Ideal for Messages & Sturdy Logos

With our superior Custom Folded Hang Tags, you can stand out from the competition when selling your goods and services. These tags are made of 14-point matte cardboard and have a non-glossy surface that makes writing on them easy. This makes it simple for you to write messages or other information directly onto each tag, improving customer communication. The 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss dazzles with its stiff, thick texture that embodies quality. Its glossy finish enhances the vibrancy of colors.

Furthermore, the longevity of the material guarantees that every tag stays immaculate, showcasing the superior caliber of your company. These tags are ideal for firms that want to create a lasting impression with their marketing materials because of its size versatility, which allows for a fluctuation of +/- 3mm, which supports a variety of uses.

Custom Double-Sided Folded Hang Tags: Incorporate Bright Colors and Designs to Boost Your Branding

Our Personalized Folded Tags for Branding are made to meet your specific requirements. These tags draw attention to your products right away since they may be printed in vivid colors and designs on both sides. We provide a variety of customized finishing touches that you may select from in order to precisely match the colors and sizes of your branding. Utilize our user-friendly online tools to make completely Personalized Hang Tags. Choose from pre-made layouts, upload your own artwork, or start from scratch. This degree of personalization guarantees that each element effectively and appealingly communicates the core of your brand.

Folded Hang Tags That Are Eco-Friendly: Purchasing in Bulk for Sustainable Branding

Choosing our Eco-Friendly Folded Hang Tags speaks to eco-aware customers and emphasizes your dedication to environmental care. Their recyclable nature improves the reputation of your business while reducing environmental effect.

Ordering is simple and convenient; you can choose from a variety of doorstep delivery choices that guarantee you will receive your personalized tags quickly and wherever you are. We accept bulk orders ranging from 250 to 5000 units for those in need of bigger numbers; this demonstrates our capacity to serve both small and large businesses.

Select BannerBuzz's folded hang tag printing service right now, where efficiency and quality collide to accentuate each product with a touch that befits its exceptional contents.