Roll Up Banner Stands
  • Roll Up Banner Stands
  • Roll Up Banner Stands
  • Roll Up Banner Stands
  • Roll Up Banner Stands
  • Roll Up Banner Stands
  • Roll Up Banner Stands

Roll Up Banner Stands


An ultimate banner advertising solution for events, trade fairs, conferences, and retail.

    • Includes Aluminum Anodized Coated hardware
    • Add fully-customizable banner graphics (optional)
    • Free nylon zippered bag makes storage and travels a breeze
    • Choice of 4 different sizes
    • Durable, portable, and very easy to set-up

Roll-up Banner Stand- Very Convenient, Very Impressive Form of Event Standee!

Our roll-up banner stand holds the banner graphic in a durable metal base, which is pulled-up and retracted using a spring mechanism. The retractable function helps retract the display graphics into the aluminum stand/base. Due to its compactness, it offers maximum portability. For this reason alone, a retractable banner stand is one of the most preferred event standees. The spring mechanism works by releasing it and the banner pops back into the base without any strenuous folding or rolling. The feasibility to store and carry it from one location to another makes it popular with event exhibitors. Besides, our vertical banner stands come packed with various features including high-quality, durability, portability, and weather resistance. Above all, we offer it at the best price. So, if you too are looking for a convenient event display solution, then BannerBuzz gives you all the reasons to order this high-quality stand. Available in four different sizes, feasible customization options, and our amazing graphics designing tool, get ready to meet your unique banner advertising needs. 

Add your roll-up banner graphic and custom design it in minutes

To add your graphic- first set the ‘Add Graphic’ option to YES, which is set to NO by default.  To meet your unique business/brand needs, you can choose your preferred colors and even personalize it with your logo/design. To personalize your banner graphic, use the free design tool. Or, if you have a print-ready file with you, upload it before checkout. Designed out of Polypropylene material, it features full Color, 600DPI, UV printing. The display graphic is lightweight and durable. The excellent fabric material and quality printing will never disappoint you with creases, fading, or tearing.

Wondering How Our Roll-Up Banner Stand Works? 

This event banner stand includes a spring mechanism that works similar to a window shade. All you need to do is pull the graphic sheet up to secure it at the top. When you are ready to pack up, just drag the graphics sheet down into the aluminum base, and it's ready to store in its travel bag. Yes, it comes with a free nylon case for travel and storage purposes.

The base of the stand is strong and stable enough to maintain its position and bear the weight of the banner display. Though it is lightweight and portable, still the base adds much strength to the entire set up. It also aids in protecting your banner from wear & tear during transportation and storage.

All ready to order your roll-up banner stand and display? We have tons of relevant design templates for your business/branding, education, retail, COVID-19, hospitals signs advertising needs to a lot more. Wait no more, get started. To place your order for our high-quality banner stand only, please select your preferred size and quantity and place your quick order. 

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