Custom Wristbands


Our Custom Wristbands are made with Durable & Skin-Friendly Fabric

Custom Wristbands are a fantastic way to make everyone aware of your brand or business at any point in time. Designed out of satin material and dye sublimation printing makes our custom wristbands a sturdy and worthy pick for you.

Our customized wristbands are crafted with satin that gives a glossy and lustrous finish to the band. Plus, these high-quality custom wristbands are highly durable and skin-friendly and don’t get affected by water or sweat.

They are available in a standard size of 16x350 mm with a teeth plastic lock bead that stays on the wrist until you do not remove it.

These personalized bands come in a pack of 100. They are perfect for events with a large audience – charity shows, exhibitions, annual meet-ups, conventions, birthday parties, & more.

High-Quality Dye Sublimation Printing

We use dye-print technology, leading to beautiful permanent colors embedded in the fabric rather than printed on the surface.

The dye technology leads to exceptional print quality with high resolution. The color does not fade or crack even after multiple washes.

Create Your Own Personalized WristBand

At Bannerbuzz, you can enjoy the liberty of experimenting with your creative skills by designing the wristbands on your own. Pick any color out of the color palette, texts, and graphics for having your customized wristbands. We have varied graphics and typeface styles to style up your wristbands. Additionally, we offer numerous themes that you can apply to bring out a creative wristband for you or your business.