Zip Ties


Prevent Theft with Easy to Use Zip Ties for Banners

Banner Zip Ties are Strong, Convenient, and Easy to Use

Putting your banners on display is a challenge, especially in outdoor areas without walls for mounting. Festivals and business locations with limited options require a means of anchoring banners and holding them in place. Nylon zip ties fit through the grommets of banners and wrap around other jobs for support. They make putting up banners fast and easy and also allow for quick take-down once the event is over.

Our plastic zip ties provide a strong and reliable fastening solution. Once the end threads through the opening, they stay securely wrapped around grommets and other objects without reversing direction and loosening. This helps to serve as a theft deterrent by preventing quick removal.

Use these banner zip ties as a quick and convenient fastening solution when putting up a variety of displays. Hang up sale advertisements as well as fabric signs displaying contact and business information. Their flexible design allows for use around chain-link fences, poles, and many other locations.

Save time when installing displays by using our white zip ties. They are quick and easy to use with minimal set-up and effort required. Simply pull the cable through the opening and the integrated gear track works to create secure closure.

Plastic Zip Ties are Easy to Order and Versatile

We take you through the ordering process to make it simple and easy to order the plastic zip ties you need. Choose the quantity and other specifications on our user-friendly website. We also offer multiple shipping speeds to select from, including fast and convenient doorstep delivery.

Multipurpose and versatile, our nylon zip ties have a wide variety of uses beyond holding up banners. Use them to create neat, tidy bundles of cables or to secure luggage. Zip ties also keep plastic bags cinched closed for more secure storage.

Banner Zip Ties are Personalizable

Ensure that you get exactly what you need out of our white zip ties. We provide you with the ability to add special instructions and specifications for your order so everything meets your requirements. Choose quantities and other characteristics so your displays are secure while looking their best.

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