California License Plates


California Car License Plates are Highly Durable

If your business has its own vehicles, it is important that they reflect your brand wherever they go. The license plates on your cars or trucks can become effective promotional material that can draw extra attention. Our automotive license plates provide a simple method of creating a lasting impression on potential customers through your company vehicles.

The tough 0.040 aluminum material resists discoloration, rust, and breakage to give the personalized license plates excellent longevity. They are safe to use outdoors in all seasons, so you can use the same ones over multiple years and save on costs.

Our full-color single-sided digital printing process adds sharpness and clarity to the vehicle license plates. These traits make the accessories easy to see and read from far away.

Customizable options allow you to create a unique advertisement that will stand out. We enable this by helping you to make your own adjustments to your custom license plates via our web-based design tool.

Automotive License Plates Come Ready to Use

We provide a standardized 12 x 6 inch size that makes the personalized license plates ideal for use with a wide variety of vehicles. Simply choose the pattern that looks best for your brand from a collection of pre-made designs.

These vehicle license plates feature a reflective coating that makes them ideal as promotional material that people can easily spot on your cars or trucks. The finish also makes it easy to find parked vehicles in densely packed parking areas.

Bulk Discounts are Available for California Car License Plates

Get a discount when you purchase 2 or more custom license plates to save on costs for your business. This is a handy way to lower the cost of each plate.

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