8 ft x 15 ft Step and Repeat Wall Box Fabric Display


Propel Your Brand With 8 X 15 Step And Repeat Wall Box Fabric Display

Make heads turn with our 8 X 15 Step-And-Repeat Wall Box Fabric Display that occupies a prominent spot at any event, and in your client’s hearts. This gigantic display comes in a boxed format and helps your business stand out.

Step-and-Repeat is one of the most popular printing forms when it comes to marketing your brand or its logo. The pattern reinforces the brand to make a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

The use of high-quality polyester material in the graphics of the display serves as an excellent backdrop. The premium feel of the fabric offers an attractive, glare-free background for photographs and also in person.

Additionally, the holding frame stretches the graphic display tautly so that the message is clearly visible even from a distance. The fact that it is very easy to set up and requires no tools makes for an incredibly quick setup and dismantling, allowing you to be able to haul it from event to event without much hassle.

High-Quality Step and Repeat Display for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Step-and-Repeat display performs excellently in indoor and outdoor settings for multiple reasons. For starters, the frame is manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum that offers strength and stability. As a result, whether the wall box display is set up in a heavy-traffic area or under windy conditions, it will hold the fort and remain in place.

Similarly, the setup includes an optional display, which is printed on polyester fabric, and is weather-resistant and waterproof. Hence, the display will also remain unaffected by any elements. This combination of the frame and graphics ensures that the display will work well, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Custom Wall Box Display to Suit All Your Needs

Our wall box display is available in the size 8 feet by 15 feet. However, we also offer different size customizations for the same product. In fact, the Step-and-Repeat displays are also available in different styles. The customization is also extended for the graphic display printing, which is available optionally. You can further personalize your message by uploading your artwork, using our tool to design online, or hiring a professional designer to create a stunning display that captures uninterrupted attention. 

And the cherry on top is the bulk order discount option that is sure to save money.