Vehicle Magnetic Signs

Vehicle Magnetic Signs


Vehicle magnetics signs can be made in any size, allowing businesses the flexibility

  • Various sizes from small door magnets to large truck magnets
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Durable enough to withstand many weather elements

Car decals, like vehicle magnetic signs, can be made in any size, allowing businesses the flexibility to make their order fit any type of car

Advertising has reached many heights, but some marketing tools have shown strong brand awareness. Vehicle magnetic signs, specifically, still have the opportunity to grab a person's attention after all these years.

These removable car decals continue to draw customers in because the displays can include helpful information like the organization's address and phone number. Businesses have the flexibility to print custom magnetic signs for cars made with their logo or graphic as well. Reflective magnetic signs are also a great option for day to night use.

Made with 0.7 mm thick materials, these products are durable enough to withstand many weather elements while staying on the company's truck, car or SUV. Each order is made with rounded edges, so these magnetic signs for cars will stay on the vehicle along freeways and strong winds.

Newer businesses that are still using personal cars for work-related errands can transform their automobile into a moving advertising thanks to these removable car decals. Vehicle magnetic signs can make lasting impressions with onlookers without any damage. Staffers who take care of their vehicle magnetics should expect their items to last up to three years.

BannerBuzz has a large template of vehicle magnetics to choose from. Whether a company wants to promote a special promotion, share a message or provide contact information, we have templates that can work with your brand. Business owners who want to print their custom logo or graphic may submit the image into our web application.

Customers are automatically eligible to receive a free art proof prior to printing. All magnetic signs for cars and custom car decals may be shipped within 48 hours once a design is finalized.