SEG Office Desk Partitions - 6 Desk


SEG Office Desk Partitions for 6 Desks for Social Distancing

Are you struggling to find a cost-effective option to reorganize your workspace before returning to work following the COVID-19 outbreak? Do you have a similar problem? Thanks to our SEG office desk partitions for 6 desks, this won’t be a problem anymore. The coronavirus epidemic has altered the way businesses and workplaces conduct their daily operations.

The most difficult problem at work would be to apply social separation in a strategic manner in order to keep your colleagues secure and healthy. The 6-desk SEG desktop partition will allow you to rapidly and affordably build up to 6 distinct workstations at a low cost per user.

Our desk partitions can be simply put together within just a few minutes to create a secure and divided workspace virtually anywhere.

Available in three different sizes, the office desk partitions can be assembled in a hassle-free manner.

Office Desk Dividers with Aluminum Frames

Office desk dividers are delivered to you with aluminum frames and accessories. Our SEG frames, as well as the fabric, are incredibly long-lasting. The option to select an aluminum frame set-up with or without cloth gives you even more customization options.

We use high-quality polyester fabric (340 GSM) for our products. Using these totally modular office desk dividers, you can create 6 workstations at a very reasonable price.

Bulk Purchase Discount on Desk Partitions

Get a bulk purchase discount by ordering our desk partitions in numbers ranging from 2 to 100 units right now. When you are checking out, choose 'Priority' shipping to ensure the quickest possible delivery time.