Round Stretch Table Covers

Round Stretch Table Covers


Wanna brighten your special event? Try our advertising cocktail elastic table cover now!

  • Available in two different sizes
  • Elasticable covers made of stretch fabric
  • High quality 180 GSM wrinkle resistant material

Flexible Enough for Every Need

BannerBuzz stands as the most reliable and customer centric banner and table covers company. For us, the aim is to deliver the best value to our customers. While prices and quality do matter most, there is one other factor that we don't overlook - the flexibility. We believe that a good table cover is one that is suitable for every occasion no matter the size of table. We wanted to give our customers one solution that could easily fit all the events and occasions for years to come. And that is why we introduced the one of a kind, high quality elastic round table covers.

We have a plenty of adjustable variety in our collection, but nothing quite fits like the elastic round table covers. Made from 70% polyester and 30% spandex, the covers can easily fit 6 feet and 7 feet tables. There is no need for additional Velcro fasteners. With this round table cover with elastic fit, the magical combination of spandex with polyester does the trick for you.

A Cleaner Look and Better Fit

We understand that when it comes tradeshows, fit is extremely important. It showcases your perfectionism and professionalism. It reflects how important quality is for you. While most businesses would prefer a fitted table cover for this purpose, it is not always practical to get a fitted cover for every table and every event. That is where you can benefit from the versatility of our round stretch table covers with logos.

The elasticity of the fabric allows the cover to fit like a bespoke tailored suit. The appearance is neat and wrinkle free. We offer these elastic round table covers in a variety of colors and give you the freedom to get your logo or graphic printed in the highest quality. If branding is your concern, our covers are bound to take it to a whole new level.

One of the major advantages of our round stretch covers is that they are extremely easy to use. You won't need a trained professional to dress your tables. There is simply no requirement for pins and clips. It is as easy as putting on a shirt, hardly taking a minute. Our stretch table covers with logos are created to last. You will be able to use one cover for multiple events and for years to come.

Showcase Your Brand

We offer a huge lineup of round stretch covers in various colors. While plain covers are mostly preferred for parties and weddings, corporate clients prefer proper branding. That is why we have this online ordering tool that will make it all easy for you. Just specify your needs, send us your graphic, and get the most competitive quotes for your elastic round table covers. Whether you want one cover or a bunch of them, we can have it printed for you within the least possible time. Despite the quick service and low cost, we simply do not compromise of on quality.

Order now or call us to learn more about why stretch table covers with logos are the best option for your needs.