Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Banners


Advertise your services or products to passers-by attracting them towards your business

  • Heavy 16 Oz material recommended for outdoor use
  • High resolution printing with outdoor rated ink
  • Get the seamless product up to 10 ft width or height
  • Optional lamination for extended durability

Ideal Advertising Displays with Custom Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners can inform customers on information about things like your business' grand opening, a special sale or event that you want to promote, or just about anything else you can think of that sends an important message to your customers that just has to be noticed! The temporary addition of outdoor banners to your storefront can be an effective way to communicate with the public. Custom outdoor signs are a great addition to parades, large events, and do well as festival banners.

Whenever a business is going through a change, custom outdoor vinyl banners provide a good way to inform the general public at once without spending a lot of time, preparation, or money on it. These banners are printed with high-quality dyes, capable to withstand weather and the sun, wind, and rainfall. Instead of spending tons of money printing announcements on paper, look into custom outdoor signs!

Whether the building will be temporarily closed for renovation, celebrating a grand opening, anniversary, or new management, the community will get the answers they need from your outdoor banner. There's no simpler way to communicate than with a large, attractive, straight-to-the-point vinyl banner for outside display!

A Variety of Uses for Outdoor Banners

Placing custom outdoor signs and banners right at the storefront will help people find the location of your business, too. This can be incredibly helpful if you are new to the area. A custom outdoor sign can provide a sure-fire, no-hassle way to communicate with others without directly speaking to prospective customers right away. Companies that have been in the neighborhood for years can use outdoor banners to announce an anniversary sale or limited time offer.

Why should you look into outdoor banner signs for business? Vinyl is sturdy enough to stay in place if signs are supported with a good rope and knot through the banner's grommets. Outdoor banners have the potential to last up to seven years, which allows BannerBuzz to help your business get the attention it deserves.

Our website offers companies many custom outdoor sign options. Choose from our banner templates and utilize the web application to create large outdoor banners that are tailored toward your brand.

Outdoor Banners: Frequently Asked Questions

What are outdoor banners made of?

Banners that are used outdoors need to be resistant to changing weather and more durable than the indoor banners. They are commonly made out of premium PVC material. One of the main benefits of PVC flex material is that it is specially designed for digital printing and results in vibrant, long-lasting graphics. PVC material is also resistant to harsh outdoor weather and is known for its resistance against multiple external factors like rain, sun-rays, winds, etc.

How can I hang my outdoor banner?

Right from bungee ties, grommets and ropes, to adhesive tabs- there are multiple ways to hang an outdoor banner. Based on the availability of banner accessories, you can tie your banner or screw it to the wall. 

What is banner lamination?

Lamination involves applying pressure and heat to bind the banner to a thin plastic film called the laminate. The laminate helps protect the banner graphics from consistent exposure to external elements like heat, winds, moisture, etc. Banner Lamination is done to add greater durability to it. It makes the handling of the banner graphics easier and much versatile. It also ends up enhancing the colors of the graphic prints. There is no downside to laminating a printed banner apart from it being a little costlier than the non-laminated version. But for long-term outdoor banner advertising, lamination is highly recommended.

Is PVC banner waterproof?

Vinyl material is highly resistant to multiple external factors like heat and water. PVC banners that are constructed from premium-quality vinyl material are water-resistant. However, to make it entirely waterproof, it is recommended to get your printed banner laminated for added durability and resistance against water.

What is the lifespan of an outdoor vinyl banner?

The lifespan of any banner depends upon its placement and usage. In general, the life expectancy of a vinyl banner varies from 2-10 years, given it is handled carefully and maintained properly. The lifespan also depends upon the quality of the substrate used. If the vinyl material used in banner printing is of premium quality, it is more likely to last longer than the low-quality vinyl banners.

What are wind flaps in a banner?

Wind flaps are half cut circles on the banner. These are added to the banner to allow the wind to pass through it without damaging the banner graphics. Wind flaps are recommended for high wind areas.

What are the holes in the corner of a banner called?

The corner holes in a banner that are used for hanging a banner are called the grommets. They are formed by creating holes on the corner of a banner where the metal rings are inserted, resulting in metal grommets. Grommets are one of the most popular hanging options for a banner. They keep the banner securely in place and prevent tearing or abrasion of material.