Acrylic Packaging Tapes - Clear


Protect your Cartons with Our Top-Grade Acrylic Packaging Tape!

When you're on the lookout for assurance in packaging, nothing beats the reliability of Clear Acrylic Tape. A damaged box can lead to increased opportunity costs, potential delivery issues, and most importantly, a decline in customer satisfaction. It's crucial not to overlook the importance of packaging just as much as production.

One of the vital aspects of packaging is using a high-quality packaging tape. Not just any tape will do. Depending on various factors, from temperature to sealing conditions, it's pivotal to select the right tape for optimal results.

Introducing our Clear Acrylic Packaging Tape - the definitive solution for all your shipping, moving, and storage needs. Crafted with an acrylic adhesive, these transparent packaging tapes not only ensure your packages are sealed tightly but also provide a glossy finish, making them perfect for those specialty items. Our clear acrylic tape is renowned for its heavy-duty strength and unparalleled durability. Plus, it stands resilient against moisture and fluctuating temperatures. Say goodbye to tapes that yellow over time; our acrylic tape for industrial use guarantees a consistent clear finish, establishing itself as the best in the market for bonding various substrates effectively.

Choose the Perfect Acrylic Packaging Tape for Ultimate Goods Protection

We present the Clear Acrylic Packaging Tape for Shipping, available in precise measurement choices to ensure effective goods security. Offered in two optimal sizes, our Acrylic Adhesive Clear Packaging Tapes are available in both 2” x 55 Yds packs of 72 rolls per case and 3” x 55 Yds tapes in 48 rolls per case, with widths of 48 mm (2” Approx.) and 72 mm (3” Approx.) respectively, ensuring you have the Transparent Acrylic Tape for Packaging that perfectly meets your diverse packaging needs. Each tape boasts a 3” core, a diameter of 4”, and a robust thickness of 1.8 MIL. This UV resistant acrylic shipping tape backed by 1-year shelf life.

Ever wondered why temperature is crucial when it comes to Packaging Tape? The adhesive properties of the Acrylic Tape are significantly influenced by temperature variations. Our tapes are not just any Shipping Tape but are known for their unique temperature-regulating feature. Designed with a combination of specialized glue and polypropylene, these Heavy-duty Clear Packaging Tapes provide an adhesive that remains steadfast in an operational temperature range of +30°F to +200°F and an application temperature range of +32°F to +150°F. This ensures that our High-strength Acrylic Tape for Packages withstands various external climatic pressures, keeping your cartons securely sealed during both transit and storage.

Securing the Best Acrylic Adhesive for Box Sealing is now just a click away! Simply review our measurements, select your desired size, and hit the ‘order button’. Experience the difference with premium Acrylic Tape for Industrial Use.