Portable Canopy Tent with Rollup Stand & Table Cover


Portable Canopy Tents are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Trade shows and conventions are an ideal place to promote your business. Visitors are in the right mindset, and you have the opportunity to make a good impression. Trade show kits with roll up banner stands, tables, and tents allow you to set up a professional-looking booth. Network with other entrepreneurs and make visitors feel welcome under the tent.

All items in this kit use durable materials. The blank canopy tents feature PVC flex fabric and sturdy aluminum frames. Weather-resistant and waterproof, they are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor events. The banner stands have a strong metal base to keep them upright. Tightly woven fabric resists runs and snags.

High-quality printing gives the full color table covers a bright blue hue and a matching shade on the tent canopies. This is prominently visible from a distance. Dye-sublimation printing delivers color consistency across the material with no individual dots.

While the roll up banner stands, tents, and table colors come in solid colors only, they supply a blank canvas for personalized additions. Add decorations, logo patches, and custom signage to all the materials in these kits to advertise your business.

Blank Canopy Tents are Portable and Easy to Order

Our trade show kits are portable, so you can take your marketing materials on the road. The full color table covers fold for storage and the aluminum canopy frames collapse for transport. Pull down the banner stands and keep them inside their bases between uses.

BannerBuzz eases ordering trade show set-ups by bundling the blank canopy tents, banner stands, and table covers in one set. We also offer convenient delivery options such as doorstep delivery and priority shipping.

Portable Canopy Tents Available in Bulk

Ordering roll up banner stands, canopies, and other materials in bulk makes it easy to serve your customers. It's also useful for managing a team of sales agents. Take advantage of our discount on bulk orders to maximize your marketing budget.

Shop for Portable Canopy Tents with Rollup Stands and Table Covers for your business online at BannerBuzz.