Men's Long Sleeves T-Shirt - Crew Neck

Men's Long Sleeves T-Shirt - Crew Neck


Durable Men's Long Sleeves T-Shirt - Crew Neck Hides a Whole Host of Benefits

  • Made with 180 GSM superior anti-pilling combed cotton.
  • Bio-Wash enhances textile uniformity, fabric softness and luster.
  • Available in 5 ranges of sizes from small to 2XL
  • It comes in 5 attractive colors: white, black, red, blue and gray
  • Bulk discounts are available.

Pure Cotton Men's Long Sleeves T-Shirt - Crew Neck Are Relaxed Yet Stylish

Men's long sleeves crew neck t-shirts have a round neckline without a collar. This basic T-shirt is now a staple in any man's wardrobe. The t-shirt when paired with a dark color denim and a navy-blue jacket would make you rock the show!

Our pure superior combed 180 GSM cotton t-shirt is made using soft-flow dyeing process, has a classic style, and is incredibly soft to keep you feeling and looking great. In addition to that, bio-wash soothes the fabric and removes all lint. Furthermore, it significantly reduces the possibility of pilling on the cotton fabric.

The crew neck adds a minimalistic touch to your men's t-shirt. Our T-shirts come in 5 different sizes to give you a perfect fit. These include S (38 In), M (40 In), L (44 In), XL (48 In), and 2XL (52 In). You can select the size that perfectly fits your requirements.

Men’s Crew Neck Long Sleeves T-shirts Available in multiple colors

The men's crew neck long sleeve t-shirts are available in five attractive colors, white, black, red, blue and gray. Although it is the most popular style of t-shirt and is worn by everyone, guys with long or narrow faces and sloped shoulders look best in them. The rationale for this is that a round collar helps to balance out a narrow face and gives the appearance that your shoulders are rounder, making you appear wider.

Men's Crew Neck Long Sleeves T shirt comes with Bulk Discounts

We offer bulk order discounts to our customers. The larger the order, the greater the discount. Our Men's crew neck long sleeves t-shirts are simple to care for and keep clean. Wash them in a washing machine with cold water and no detergent to maintain them in excellent condition. To avoid discoloration, be sure not to bleach, tumble dry, or expose your clothing to direct sunlight.

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