Funny License Plates


Stand out From the Crowd with Custom Automotive License Plates

A significant proportion of car owners find it hard to select creative automobile accessories that set their rides apart. Using our comical car license plates, you can convey witty remarks to onlookers and let them know of your funny side. Customized license plates hide your vehicle's while also helping attract attention to other promotional messaging on your car.

Made of heavy-duty aluminum, the license plates can withstand repeated use, saving you the cost of frequent plate maintenance and replacement. Their 1.2-mm materials make them less vulnerable to bends or dents, which reinforces long-term reliability. A corrosion-resistant structure ensures they are usable under harsh weather conditions.

Full-color UV printing on the license plates makes them highly visible. Their attention-catching impressive designs and clever messaging quickly capture the public's attention. For clear texts readable from a distance, the plates have a resolution level of 600 DPI.

Tailor the graphics of custom plates using our online design tool. For a personalized touch, upload a ready-to-print artwork easily. Use one of our many free layouts to get your creative juices flowing.

Automotive License Plates, Versatile and Simple to Install

Our heavy-duty license plates have standard sizes of 12 in W x 6 in H for a convenient fit. Depending on the time of day you drive your car, consider the reflective or the non-reflective plates to ensure maximum visibility.

Car license plates are lightweight and easy to handle because of the aluminum sheet's properties. Rounded corners on their edge prevent inadvertent scratches and scrapes, maintaining the plates' integrity for a long time.

Affordable Car Number Plates Made of Aluminum

Order a wide range of aluminum license plates and save money on volume discounts. To accommodate both individual purchasers and businesses with a large vehicle fleet, the discounts apply to orders containing two or more license plates or more.Shop Funny License Plates for your organization online at BannerBuzz.