Rectangle Table Toppers

Rectangle Table Toppers


Table topper cover: an easy step to become professional?

  • Available in three different sizes
  • Elastic cord sewn around the edge
  • High quality 180 GSM elastic polyester

To Top off Any Event

Bannerbuzz stand as the leading provider of customized and high quality solutions of covering tables at an event. We understand that each client has a different need. While most of our customers are looking for top to bottom covers, there are many reasons for choosing a table topper that only covers the top part of the table.

Available in a wide range of sizes and covers, table toppers are one of the most innovative varieties in our collection. Buying from Bannerbuzz, you get complete customization options and guarantee for the quality of material and printing.

Cover Don't Conceal

Being the leaders in this arena, we understand that there is an extended range of tables used in events. Those who truly appreciate beauty and aesthetics tend to use more decorated and fancy tables rather than the simple folding variety. In that case, a regular table cover will hide the whole beauty of the table. All the decorations on the sides and legs of the table will be concealed. We understand that you need a cover that protects the table without compromising the look you wish to showcase. That is where our custom table toppers and fitted table covers come to the rescue.

Even when simple tables are used, the table top covers actually help you create a minimalist effect. Fitted table covers can create an illusion of more space and less clutter. That is why we highly recommend these in cases when you don't have plenty of space on your tradeshow counter. Without excessive fabric hanging down the tables, it will look much more professional.

With an understanding of what is desired by our customers, our table top covers are available in various sizes and colors; the fabric we use is four-way stretchy, which enables your logo fully spreads and always provides a clear and good visibility.

We have a complete variety of table top covers and fitted table covers for rectangular 6 or 8 feet tables and also for rounder tables. Table top covers can be well fixed on custom table toppers; we ensure this by sewing an elastic cord around the edge.

Custom Table Toppers: Quality and Customization

Our custom table toppers and table top covers need just simple and easy care - you can machine wash it and dry before putting it away. The printing is Done with quality and longevity in mind. Our online services make customization an easy and hassle free job,. Simply use our online ordering tool to place your custom topper order and our team will get back to you with the most competitive quote. Ensuring best value for your money, we also promise the shortest turnaround time.

We are the best in what we do and you can rely on us for a quality that your brand represents. If you have any questions or queries regarding our product, sizing, or quality, feel free to call us and our experts will guide you accordingly.