Canvas Banners

Canvas Banners

  • Canvas banners made of 345GSM art cotton canvas.
  • Recyclable canvas banners made for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Long-lasting banners available in laminated finish and UV prints.
  • These banners come in several easy-to-hang options.
  • They are easy to customize.

Shop Custom Canvas Banners and Bring Your Brand’s Vision to Life

Improving brand-building efforts is crucial for increasing the reach of any business in a competitive market. Brands do this in various ways, but an often overlooked yet effective prop is a canvas banner. These make for compelling marketing tools, especially in places that witness a higher footfall. Custom canvas banners use durable yet flexible art canvas materials to deliver high-quality texture and vibrant colors for the perfect print finish.

Made using premium art cotton canvas material of 345 GSM, our canvas banner fabric is long-lasting, recyclable material ideal for both indoor & outdoor use. Our canvas banner printing includes full color, 600DPI, UV printing delivers durable and vibrant print reproductions for every banner. This type of printing technique ensures best color match, clarity, and longer print life.

Upload your own design or use one of our many free design templates as part of our complete customization and personalization options. Our professional design support is ready to assist you either way. You can also hire a professional designer to aid you in designing the banner the way you want. Nominal fee needs to be paid for this service.

Based on the specific needs, these canvas banners can be customized in various ways. For starters, these banners can be created with the help of a wide variety of design templates available on our site. It is also possible to upload a self-designed or free downloaded image to attain the desired graphical result. For other customizations, you can use the empty specification instruction box to specify your needs. Although this is optional, we recommend you to use this in case you need to elaborate on your customization.

The best part is that these canvas banners can be personalized in terms of their color and design to match the brand's design language. Our personalized canvas banners are available in different sizes. They can be displayed using various hanging options. These include metal grommets, adhesive tabs, pole pockets, and more. Select from top and bottom pole pockets, top pole pocket, or left and right pole pockets for insertion of a pole.

These banners are very easy to maintain. They can be cleaned using a soft white cotton cloth soaked in gentle soapy water. Just wiping them down gently will clean up the canvas. You can also laminate the banner for added fortification. Our laminates are specifically formulated to protect colors, provide additional abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and increased durability of up to 2 years, without impairing the substrate's flexibility.

You can add accessories like the hanging clamp for easy installation. This hardware includes top & bottom clamp bars, 2 wall roof brackets, 4 side end caps, 2 pcs of 3’ long aluminum wire hanging strings and ceiling hooks. Width of the hardware is 3’ only. Add the product to your cart from the website and get the canvas banners delivered to your doorstep. You can also place bulk orders to get discounts and save more! Buy now!

Product Specification
  • Art Cotton Canvas Material
  • Graphic Weight of :345 GSM
  • White Graphic Front and White Graphic Back
  • Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Easy to Clean

Hanging Options

Pole Pockets

A pole pocket is a pole sleeve where a pole or a rod can slide into. It is created by folding and sealing approx. 3" extra material outside the actual banner size towards the back of the banner. You can choose the position of pole pockets at the top & bottom, left & right or only at the top of the banner as per your requirements.

Ultra-Strong Adhesive Tabs

Made of a high-strength composite film, ultra-strong adhesive tabs turn any digital image into a banner in minutes. They add a more effective visual interest as they blend into the banner.

Finishing Options

UV Printing

Select “yes” from the UV printing drop-down list for better clarity, best color match, and longer print life. The full-color UV printing is eco-friendly and uses LED curing at 600 DPI.


For maximum protection, we use liquid lamination. Our laminates are specifically formulated to protect colors and provide additional abrasion, and chemical resistance. It also increases durability without impairing the substrate's flexibility. Please note, lamination will not be available for overnight orders.


Hanging Clamp Bar

Hardware includes top & bottom clamp bars, 2 wall roof brackets, 4 side end caps, 2 pcs of 3’ long aluminum wire hanging strings and ceiling hooks. Width of the hardware is 3’ only.

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the recommended dpi for printing on canvas banners. Can I print a 6 1/2 foot by 5 foot banner in canvas?

Dear Customer, We require file 100 dpi at print size and we can do the same size you require.
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Q: I want to print a square 3 foot by 3 foot banner that has hemmed edges and no grommets or pockets. I need the printing to bleed to the edges of the finished piece. Can you do this? I also need to be able to fold or roll it often for travel without the ink


As these are the customized products we do not take orders over the calls or email,

Thank you for your interest in our products.
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Q: What is canvas banner?

Full color canvas banners have a texture that is similar to a painted canvas. It is ccommonly used for high-end banner display, banner and backdrop. All canvas banners are digitally printed in full color. Canvas banners are intended for indoor use only.
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Q: What is canvas banner?

Traditionally, canvas material may be used for making sails or reproducing a person's artwork, but now the sturdy, woven fabric can be used to promote your business with high-quality colors Some people refer to the canvas as a type of material that pai
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Q: Hi, If I want to display this Canvas banner on drapery,( I have pipe and drape to create hall of fame theme) Do i use adhesive strip on the back or wire to hang, so it won't wrinkle or flapping while display? preferred not to use grommets

Dear Customer, Yes, you can use it but we recommand to use pole pockets.
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