Pleated Banquet Chair Covers


Premium Pleated Banquet Chair Covers Made of Durable Stretchable Fabric

Chairs are pre-requisites of any formal or informal event ranging from business exhibitions to weddings and social events. There’s no better way for creating impactful brand awareness with minimal investment than using the chair covers. Considering the same, Bannerbuzz brings you the premium pleated chair covers that can be personalized with your brand’s logo, text, or message. Made of stretchable fabric offering stretchability of 70/30 percent, our pleated banquet chair covers will never disappoint you with the grip and flawless finish. Our superior-quality pleated covers offer an exceptional fit while accentuating the curves of the chair. Our stretchable fabric won’t slouch or slide, thereby offering an effortlessly neater look. In addition, the seamlessly cohesive look of the chairs attracts attention and makes your brand stand out. Our pleated chair covers available in the standard size of 14.2 X 32.3 inches conveniently fits almost all stackable or folding banquet chairs. The multiple pleats at the lower part of the covers not only give an attractive appeal to the chairs but also aid in the hassle-free placement of covers. Our pleated banquet chair covers are highly durable and easy to maintain. Use mild detergent for regular machine wash at a regular temperature. For best results, dry flat, line dry, or tumble dry at gentle settings. Make sure to use paper in between the fabric and iron while ironing the chair covers.

Our Pleated Chair Covers Feature Full Color, Dye Sublimation Printing

With a graphic weight of 180 GSM, our pleated chair covers are printed in full color using the dye sublimation printing technique. Dye sublimation is a digital printing technology that uses heat transfer to apply an image to the intended substrate to produce crisp, clear, and colorful prints that are fade-proof. Crafted with precision and care to meet your advertising goals, we offer professional and vibrant prints at a high resolution of 1440DPI.

Personalize Pleated Chair Covers to Showcase your Brand’s Personality

From color to logo and design to text, you get the liberty of creating personalized chair covers that reflect your brand’s personality with Bannerbuzz. Simply upload the artwork or image of your brand logo, unique slogans, quirky or inspirational messages, and get exclusive pleated banquet chair covers for instant brand promotion.

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