Hand Flags

Hand Flags


Banner Buzz offers custom printed hand flags that can have a significant effect on your marketing efforts

  • An excellent tool to promote and support your brand, sports team, country, & more.
  • Variety of options for personalized designs
  • Bulk quantity discounts available for bulk orders
  • Durable hardware – pole, round ball, and more

Attention-Grabbing Hand Flags for Effective Brand Engagement

Position your brand and the message strategically with custom hand flags. They are one of the affordable yet attractive display tools that would serve the purpose of creating huge awareness for your brand or sports team. Besides promoting the brand and its products, these customized hand flags are preferred for rallies, sports matches, parades, and other similar events too. Get the brand logo imprint on these flags, club emblem, the mascot of your favorite team, or any other image for an upcoming event. Displaying your love and support for the favorite team through hand-held flags brings utmost joy and pride for the team participants in the sports arena. 

The product comprises 90 GSM knitted flag fabric and is printed on a single side for perfect quality and lasting visuals. Because it holds single-sided prints, the custom graphics are visible on the other side as well, but as a mirror image. The design is printed using a superior sublimation printing technique to safeguard it against the sun or rain and thus ensuring the flags to last for the longest time. Best quality materials and imprints make it a perfect choice to be used continuously for outdoor events and displaying purposes.

Furthermore, the hardware or the fixture constitutes:

  • Black solid plastic pole with a Black Cusp on top
  • Hollow plastic pole with a round ball on top in two different measurements
  • 100cm length, 1cm diameter white hollow plastic pole

The above-sized fixtures come along as you pick the required size for the hand flags from the size tab/option provided at the top of this page. Made out of plastic, the durable pole is available in black or white color. Choose a Black Cusp for the top or a round ball for a perfect display with the pole. 

Personalized Graphics for Hand-held Flags to Advertise Your Brand

Below mentioned are the three unique ways to finalize the graphics for your hand flags:

  1. Upload the artwork online – If you have self-curated or copyright-free designs, then upload them directly to place your order in a jiffy for personalized hand flags.
  2. Design them online – With our online design tool, create the best possible graphics for the aspired brand hand flags. Choose the required image from the design template available, amend the background color, add text, brand logo, team mascot, and so much more is there to play with your creative skills. 
  3. Get proficiency in every aspect with us -  Hire a professional designer at BannerBuzz for just $9.99. Our proficient team of designers is available to offer you class apart results for graphics. 

So, that’s not all. We have so much to assist you with even during this pandemic phase. Get these hand-held flags designed with specific COVID-19 awareness messages and preventive measures. Don’t forget to have a sight of our COVID-19 signages, safety flags, and more.

Hand Flags: Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • What are Hand Flags?

Customized hand flags are known for their unique size, usability, and hand-held feature. Get them customized and display them while holding in your hands at events like parades, marches, rallies, charity events, and more. Because they are easy to hold in hands, these flags catch the attention of the viewers easily and ensure that your message reaches the crowd.  

  • Do you provide the designing facility for hand flags?

Yes, we do. 

BannerBuzz offers three different yet unique options to come up with the aspired graphics for hand-held flags:

  • Upload artwork on our online design tool -  Artwork may comprise self-created designs, brand logos, or free downloadable/copyright-free images or symbols. 
  • Design Online – With just a few selections, you can get the graphics ready for hand flags., no matter you would like to design them for brand promotions, sports match, or more. Our few selective options offer you the feasibility to elect & add colors, texts, clipart images, and more.
  • Hiring Professional Assistance – Hire a professional designer with us for achieving high-quality graphics results. This is going to cost you just $9.99.
  • How durable is the flag fabric? And what is it made from?

90 GSM Knitted Flag Fabric is used to design a hand flag. It is highly durable with lasting imprints, and is, therefore, preferred for recurring or outdoor uses. 

  • My organization needs 100 -150 hand flags for the upcoming rally show. Can I get the same quantity and at a discounted price?

Yes, definitely. We provide a range of hand-held flags in assorted quantities and that too at bulk discounts.  For this, we suggest you refer our bulk quantity discount option, just below the quantity tab. Here’s a detailed slab of the different pack of quantities available on best-discounted prices. For instance, if you want hand flags from 2 to 10 pieces, then you can grab them at $2.16 each. 

  • Do you provide standard-sized hand flags? Can I order the required sizes of flags for my event?

 Four different sizes are available for hand-held flags. You cannot perform the custom changes in size for this product. 4-inch to 24-inch heights of flags are available. For better clarity, you can refer to the size column/tab given above. 

  • How soon can I expect the product delivery?

It takes 2 -12 days to deliver the product. Also, the shipping timeframe may differ because of certain geographical factors or if the products require personalized designs.

  • Are the poles heavy? What materials does the flag pole comprise?

The flag pole is lightweight, easy-to-hold, and durable. Being made from plastic, hand-held flags are long-lasting yet best for displaying messages while holding them in hands.