Table Runners

Table Runners

A perfect table accessory to add to your event display.
  • Customizable size, colors, and graphics
  • Finishing options include hot cut knife & sewn edges
  • Design and order in minutes, get delivered quick
  • FREE SHIPPING (till offer lasts)

Table Runners- An Inexpensive Tool to Brand Your Business or Accessorize Your Event Table

Looking for high-quality, custom printed table runners? We are your reliable source of long-lasting, premium table covers for personal to professional events and trade shows. Printed on quality polyester fabric and featuring full Color, 1440DPI, Dye-sublimation Printing; these event runners are sure to last long and advertise effectively. Consider these custom runners to brand your business or promote your logo at trade shows, events, conferences, fundraisers, etc. Or simply lay them over a solid table cover to add a touch of decor and elegance to any table. BannerBuzz table runners are available in 2 predefined dimensions- 2FTx5.67FTand 3FTx5.67FT. You can even add your custom dimensions by choosing the custom size option.

Get Your Table Runner Custom Printed!

Your table, your branding needs, and your custom print are what we believe in. So, get ready to add your unique design to your runner and that too in full color. You can get as creative as you want with your graphics and text. Our online design tool allows you to personalize your runner from scratch or use the free table runner design templates to kickstart it. In case you have a graphic design file that you wish to get printed, please upload it before checkout. Please make sure to upload a print-ready file only.

Pair it up with a table cover and make it stand out

You can even choose to order a solid table cover along with your custom printed runner here at BannerBuzz. However, this table runner can be used as a stand-alone table display accessory. But laying it over a solid-colored cover will make it stand out.

Table runner finishing options- Hot Knife Cut or Sewn Edges

You can choose from any of the below-finishing choices:

Hot knife cut finished table runners: If you choose this option, your runner will be cut using a hot cutting blade, resulting in precisely cut, clean, sealed edges. 

Table runners with Sewn Edges: In this finishing option, your runner will be finished by folding every side/edge (1'' to 2'') of the table cloth backward and stitched/sewed with thread.

Choice of vibrant colors with BannerBuzz color picker

All you have to do is click on the ‘show color picker’ option above. Our color picker tool allows you to simply slide the button towards the right side to change the shades. Once you have your preferred color displayed on the tool, the HEX color value will be automatically updated in front of the runner color option. You can easily select any vibrant color using this online color picker without having to add the color value manually. It also allows you to find the best color match for your runner in seconds. 

With so many great and customizable options, wait no more, and place your order now. To understand the complete specifications, please check out the product specifications tab now. We are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders (till offer lasts). Make the most of it and save big with our best price guarantee. For any design or print queries, please feel free to contact us.

Table Runners: Frequently Asked Questions

How is a table runner different from other table covers?

A table runner is narrower than table covers and they usually hang from the edges. They can be laid above table covers or directly over your tabletop. Runners for tables are used for decorative purposes as well as for branding purposes at events, weddings, trade fairs, etc. for branding purposes, table runners are usually custom printed with logos, images, or text. Runners are a great way to add an interesting, appealing, and fun factor to any table. They have replaced placemats to a great extent and are popularly being adapted as a branding tool by exhibitors because of its inexpensiveness, ease to use and reuse, and effectiveness. 

Do I need a table runner for my event booth table/s?

A custom table runner printed in bold, vibrant colors is capable of evoking the interest of the prospective customers and event attendees. It also acts as your silent brand ambassador by bringing attention to your brand logo or other brand info that you have got custom printed on it. Besides, it can add a decorative and professional touch to any regular table, while at the same time, protecting it from spills and damage at events. Plus, it is a very budgeted advertising accessory. So yes, if you are planning to set-up a booth at an upcoming event/trade fair, it’s a great idea to dress your table/s with high-quality custom printed runners.

What kind of table runner is best for professional events or trade fairs?

For occasions like conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, and branding events- consider high-quality polyester fabric runners. Some of the key features of polyester is that it is made of comparatively strong fibers, which do not wear or tear quickly. It is a non-wrinkle fabric and does not shrink. Also, it comes in a variety of vibrant colors and can support a lot of printing techniques like dye-sub printing. Polyester fabric also has a great holding capacity to a lot of external elements like water, moisture, etc. When UV printed, this fabric can go on for years without fading. So, prefer choosing a polyester table runner for exhibitions and events/trade shows. It will also end up saving you a lot of money as it’s very inexpensive too. 

How do I choose the right size for my table runner?

The standard sizes for event table runners are 2 FT X 5.6 FT and 3 FT X 5.6 FT.  However, depending upon your table dimensions, go for a custom size. This will help you to achieve the most appropriate length and width for your runner. Please make sure to include the hanging length of at least six inches over each end of your table. E.g.,  Suppose you have a 50 inches long table, buy a table runner that is at least 62 inches long. 

How do I remove wrinkles from my polyester table runner?

When maintained and stored carefully, your polyester table runner will not end up having too many wrinkles as polyester is a wrinkle-resistant fabric. But if it does, removing wrinkles from a table runner is quick and easy. Firstly, wash your runner after each use with mild detergent and regular water using hands, preferably. You can even machine wash it but do not tumble dry. Lay it on a flat surface to sun-dry it, direct and harsh sun-rays. Once fully dry, you can iron by placing a plain sheet of paper between the runner fabric and iron plate. Prefer using your iron at high-temperature for a fully-dry polyester fabric runner and a moderate temperature iron for a moist fabric. You can easily and quickly remove wrinkles using this technique. Please remember, do not use the iron directly on the fabric or printed graphics. Else, it can result in faded and frayed graphics.