Election Signs


Shop for Custom Election Signs to Promote Your Political Message Effectively

We provide you with high-quality election signs that help you communicate your party’s message judiciously in your election campaigns. With our premium quality and well-designed custom election signs, you can ensure that your voters think of you as the leader they deserve. Their perfect lettering and high-print quality let your party’s message stand out regardless of where it is displayed.

Our election signs are made using robust corflute material which is wear-and-tear resistant. Whether on a sunny or windy day, you can trust our signs to remain in pristine condition for a long time. Additionally, corflute is also a water-resistant material that keeps your signs intact even on a rainy day. The thickness of the material is approximately 5mm with a graphic weight of 890 GSM.

With BannerBuzz, you will also get the flexibility to add metal stakes. The metal stakes provided by us are 5-gauge galvanized steel bars that come as a 2-piece set. You can directly insert them into your election sign from the bottom. These versatile stakes can easily be inserted in your yard for prominence.

The two-sided printing option is available for making your sign stand out. This multi-dimensional promotion style will be able to give wider coverage to your campaign and evoke curiosity in onlookers. This option of printing the graphics on both sides is available at a nominal cost. Try it out to spread your message in a targeted manner.

Our top-notch election sign printing technique ensures that your sign stands out amidst a crowd. We use full-color 600 DPI, UV printing to create your signs. This printing process helps us give you the best color match possible, a longer print life, and clarity. The reflective film is pasted and printed on the corflute material for higher visibility even during nighttime.

Want customized signs for your election campaign? We provide full flexibility to customize our signs as per your unique demands. You can make a selection from the design templates uploaded by our talented designers and customize them as per your choice. If you already have your existing artwork in place, you can upload it before checkout.

You can also use our simple and efficient design tool to create unique election signs. These will immediately grab the attention of people and make them notice your political message. Ensure color match by using our PMS box. This Pantone Matching System ensures the shades are the same as your party logo or emblem imprinted on the sign.

We also give you the leverage to hire one of our designers at a nominal fee. Our custom signs are your one-stop destination if you are looking for something that boosts your party’s image and helps you gain popularity in your constituency. The personalized election sign is appropriate for popularizing your political ideologies.

For all orders ranging from 2-100, we provide a special discount. The amount varies depending on the quantity of your purchase. So, buy more and save more! Shop online for your election signs today to get your special discount.

Product Specification
  • Material: Corflute
  • Material Thickness: 5 mm
  • Graphic Weight: 890 GSM
  • Printing: Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Printing Type: Direct printing on substrate
  • Size Variance: +/- 3mm

Printing Options

Single Sided Printing

The standard single-sided printing option prints on one side using high quality printing technique to reproduce fade-resistant graphics.

Double Sided Printing

Design your graphics with two-sided printing for multi-directional marketing opportunities. You can get the same or different image printed on both sides.

Finishing Options

UV Printing

Full-color eco-friendly UV printing with LED curing at 600 DPI (Dots per inch). This is recommended for the best color match, better clarity, and longer print life.


Metal Stakes

If you choose the metal stakes option, you get a 2-piece set of 5-gauge galvanized steel bars. Each has a height of 24”. Insert these stakes directly into the bottom of the sign for easy installation.