Pleated Table Covers

Pleated Table Covers


Pleated Table Cover- Elegant Displaying Solution For Various Occasions!

  • Choose from a full spectrum of colors
  • Inverted pleat on each corner
  • 3 different sizes available

Pleated Table Covers A Slim Of Elegance And A Sense Of Move

If you want neither fancy table cloth nor plain table throws, then our pleated table covers combine both and meet your expectations about everything in between. To produce beautiful pleats, the secret lies in sewing even gaps of cloth together and fix them. Custom printed table covers with pleats, cover and add some interest to visual sense. Compared with plain table throws, they deliver slim elegance and a sense of move.

Pleated Table Covers - Elegant Displaying Solution For Various Occasions!

As a great balance between formal and casual styles, pleated table covers are suitable for various environments no matter if it's a professional business exhibition or a personal celebrating gathering. Decorated with our pleated custom printed table covers, your table will look upscale right away. The front side provides large space for logo or emblem, the whole set makes your presentation clean and look professional, which will certainly leave a deep impression to passers-by and even the exhibition ends, your distinctive present way will be remembered by potential clients. With custom printed table covers, the possibilities are just endless.