Banner Clips


Reusable Banner Clips are Quick & Easy substitute for Grommets

Banners are one of the most sought-after promotional tools used to advertise products and services. However, when hung loosely, they appear lusterless and couldn't convey the information legibly and appealingly. Dangling banners couldn't withstand strong winds and are often likely to get torn or worn out easily. Considering all this, our banner clips come in handy. Banner clips help secure the banners in place and further facilitate communication by displaying the brand's message effectively.

Crafted with sturdy and durable plastic, our banner clips are a quick and easy substitute for grommets. Now, you need not fret about the precise placement of grommets to attain an impeccable banner display. You can simply anchor these banner clips on either corner of the banner to get an upright and professional display in an instant.

Our banner clips are made of plastic. The sturdy and durable material adds to its life and makes them long-lasting. Unlike other hanging accessories, our banner clips are reusable too.

The banner clips come in a handy size of 5cm x 3.5 cm with 8-10 long pre-installed elastic to hold the banners firmly in place. They are available in packs of four.

Banner Accessories with Easy Anchoring Technique

Mounting banners outdoors and indoors takes a lot of effort. Instead of fixing their edges with heavy-duty drilling or hammering, banner clips come in handy to ease and quicken the process.

You just need to attach the banner accessories to the banner's corners and clip them close. This will form a plastic loop to which you can attach a bungee cord or screw to hang the banner straight and tight. Don't worry about the weight because the heavier the load, the tighter will be the grip.

Banner Accessories are Available in Basic White Hue

Banner clips are available in the basic white color. Banner accessories in white color do not draft customers' focus away from the banner and help brand message take the centre stage.