Polyester Fabric Banners

Polyester Fabric Banners


Washable, durable, lightweight, and high-quality advertising banners, optimum for indoor use.

  • Made from high-quality polyester fabric
  • Dye-sublimation printing resulting in vibrant & long-lasting colors
  • Excellent for indoor events
  • Get the seamless product up to 10 ft wide or high

Polyester Fabric Banner - A Highly Versatile Advertising Tool

Polyester Fabric banners are aesthetically pleasing and anti-glare. The features like washability and durability add on to its leverages. These banners eliminate the possibility of glare as they are matte finished. With our full color, 1440DPI, dye-sublimation printing, you will get high-quality banner graphics. Along with the high-resolution, the below features make our polyester banners a versatile advertising solution:

  • Can be hung up in a variety of different ways using bungees, strings, or cords
  • Can be attached to the poles
  • Do not fade as we use high-quality polyester with no chance of fading anytime soon
  • Can be reused several times, thus saving you money
  • Our banners are washable and do not wrinkle easily

For each one of you who is looking for a quality cloth fabric banner that is durable, versatile, wrinkle-resistant, and portable- these custom PVC banners are just the right solution.  

Our Premium Polyester Fabric Banners Will Make Them Pause and Take Notice 

Any banner that is capable of making people pause and look is good. We understand the importance of a professionally designed banner and what it can do for your business. This is why we help you print just what is crucial for your business. The easy design tool will assist you in effortless banner designing. You also have tons of free design templates to kickstart your design. Alternatively, you can upload a print-ready logo/artwork/design file. Not to miss the custom design feature, which will allow you to pick your preferred banner colors, sizes, and finishing options. 

BannerBuzz polyester fabric banners are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to ensure their message is visible and impactful enough to be remembered for long. Place your order today and take advantage of our best price guarantee, quick turnaround time, FREE SHIPPING, and bulk order discounts.

Polyester Fabric Banners: Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Polyester Fabric Banners Preferable Over Its Counterparts? 

Earlier fabrics were only limited to the manufacturing of clothing. This era is all about exploring the capability of every single thing that exists in this world. Cloth Fabric Banners, for instance, are one of the most popular forms of banner advertising that have been accepted by businesses and brands across the globe. Polyester Fabric banners are a great example of fabric banners that offer distinct advantages over other materials. The biggest benefit of this type of banner is that they possess anti-glare properties. Usually, the printing of such fabric graphics involves permanently bonding the ink into the polyester fibers of the fabric. So, it manages to offer a much more high-quality image to the designs/artwork.

What are the key features of PVC fabric banners?

  • They are very light-weight, making them easy to carry & transport.
  • Fabric banners are a lot more environmentally friendly than other polyester banners.
  • These banners are also easily maintainable and easy to handle.
  • The flexibility of the installation of a fabric display is also another leverage to consider.
  • These banners are preferably used for indoor advertising
  • They feature vibrant and life-like graphics

How is a polyester fabric banner created?

The polyester fabric banner is crafted using different weights of the knitted polyesters. The most common weight type that is preferred in the making of such banners is 110gsm of knitted polyester. This is used because of its most open-knit structure, which allows the wind to pass through the banner. This works well in reducing the wind load when your banner is installed in a windy area or high above.

Can polyester fabric banners be used outdoors?

Non-polyester fabric banners are not recommended for outdoor use. On the other hand, the polyester fabric ones are durable enough and are recommended for both outdoor and indoor displays. However, you should avoid using any banners made out of fabric in harsh weather.

Are your banners customizable?

Yes, our PVC banners are fully-customizable in terms of size dimensions, colors, finishing options, and design graphics. To customize your banner, you will also find tons of free banner design templates that will help kickstart your custom design in minutes.