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Event Tickets


Personalized tickets perfect for any event.

  • Ideal for commercial or professional use.
  • Made from top-quality, sustainable materials with custom printing.
  • Available in 14 & 16 pt. cardstock paper material.
  • Glossy finish gives a shiny and vibrant look, matte finish gives a sleak and classic look.
  • Non-glossy surface provides better writability but testing is recommended.
  • Ballpoint pens and permanent markers work best for writing, but we do not guarantee writability.

Our event tickets, available in both 14pt. and 16pt. cardstock, are extremely effective and convenient products to hand out. If you have an exclusive event which requires a ticket to enter, we have the perfect solution! Best used by event organizers at:

  • Events
  • Concerts
  • Fairs
  • Exhibitions

....the possibilities are endless!

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