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Green Screen Backgrounds

Economy Green Screen Backdrop Stands

Size (W X H): 2 Ft x 6.5 Ft

Starts at: $70.76

Pop Up Green Screen Webcam Backdrop

Diameter: 39.37 Inch

Starts at: $53.54

Green Screen Wall Box Background

Size (W X H): 10 Ft x 8 Ft

Starts at: $269.10

Green Screen Straight Pillow Case Background

Size (W X H): 8 Ft x 8 Ft

Starts at: $225.00

Roll Up Green Screen Portable Background

Size (W X H): 2 Ft x 5 Ft

Starts at: $53.20

Adjustable Green Screen Background

Size (W X H): 8 Ft x 8 Ft

Starts at: $128.16

Green Screen Backgrounds for Studio Photography

Ease of Use Pre-printed Photography Green Screen Backgrounds 

If you’re running a photography outfit, it’s important to have a green background that allows editing scenes and pictures with different backgrounds. Using our studio green backgrounds, you can create realistic moments from the comfort of your studio. Their installation requires little or no experience. Our green screen backgrounds are easy to set up and break down. Each green screen background comprises polyester material that makes it wrinkle-resistant. The polyester dries easily after washing, so you can easily clean your background and reuse it within a short while. In addition, you can choose to wash your green screen backgrounds with a washing machine or bare hands. 

Custom Durable Green Background for Studio Use

Our green backgrounds are durable and portable for easy carrying and moving from one location to the other. Their sturdiness and portability allow you to manipulate backgrounds around your subject to shoot at different angles without using much effort. They also remain intact as you move around. You have the option to select from the different standard sizes available in our online store. Order customized sizes to suit specific projects like events, filming and photoshoots. Our green backgrounds come in a package that includes support poles you need for mounting. The poles provide support to the screen at the four corners and middle.

UV Printed Portable Green Screen Backgrounds With Discounts 

The fade-resistant green color of our photography green background bounces more light, making it a better composite for daytime subjects. This helps digital cameras to capture more information when using a studio green background. Our studio green backgrounds have a reflective property for better visibility. Made using full-color, 1440-DPI, due-sublimation printing, our high quality portable green screen backgrounds give high-resolution printing results. Make use of the discount tab to order for photography green background in bulk. Avoid the stress of carrying your portable green screen background from one room to the other.