Green Screen Straight Pillow Case Background

Green Screen Straight Pillow Case Background


Green Screen Straight Pillow Case Backgrounds for Chroma Key Photography

  • Green screen backgrounds allow you to modify the background of your subject.
  • The background can resist wrinkles due to the polyester material it contains.
  • The poles included in the package give the green screens optimal support.
  • To get a bulk discount, order several backgrounds.

Green Screen Backgrounds Feature Portable Materials

A green background is essential for a photo studio since it enables the filming of scenes or photographs with various backdrops. You can create realistic scenes from the comfort of your studio by using our pillowcase backdrops.

Our photo booth backdrops contain wrinkle-resistant polyester. With a sheet of paper between the iron and the polyester, this fabric is safe to iron. Furthermore, polyester is simple to wash by machine or by hand, allowing you to quickly clean and reuse your background.

The VFX green backgrounds are lightweight and easy to transport from one location to another. Due to its versatility, you may easily change the background around your subject and shoot from various angles.

Video green backgrounds are optimal for digital photography. This allows you to film a variety of settings, such as commercials, presentations, and action shots. With these straight pillowcase green screens, you can hide soiled backgrounds.

Purchase Standard Sizes of Pillowcase Backdrops with Support Poles

Opt from three standard sizes of photo booth backdrops to get the best fit for your space. There are different sizes suitable for specific projects, such as filming and photoshoots.

These VFX green backgrounds come in a package that includes the support poles you need for mounting. The poles prop up the screen at the four corners and middle.

Get Discounts on Bulk Green Screen Backgrounds

Make transporting your green screen backgrounds from one room to the next an easier task. Take advantage of bulk discounts when ordering a video green background. To take advantage of the reductions, order 2 or more screens.

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