Green Screen Straight Pillow Case Background

Green Screen Straight Pillow Case Background


Premium quality, ready to ship green screen display stand.

  • Features no-wrinkle display made of premium polyester stretch fabric
  • Easy setup & takedown
  • Create a seamless display that is wrinkle-free & impactful
  • To add the green screen to your pillowcase backdrop stand, please set the ‘Add screen’ option to ‘Yes’.

Green Screen Straight Pillowcase Backdrop- Set-up your green backdrop effortlessly

This green screen straight pillowcase backdrop is a perfect display tool to set up quick & effortless green backdrops in minutes. This ready-to-use photography & videography backdrop stand is designed to be used at events, malls, photo booths, etc. The green screen background allows easy editing to adapt to different backgrounds later on. The fact that you can create life-like pictures, videos, and animations by replacing the green screen with anything during editing makes this one of the most in-demand backdrop accessories. And to create these backgrounds easily, you need durable and sturdy hardware as well. BannerBuzz straight pillowcase backdrop is one of the best hardware options you can get your hands on at a very budgeted price. You have 3 different size dimensions to suit your space & display needs. The hardware includes an aluminum frame with plastic attachments. The lightweight hardware is easy to assemble and quick to set-up. You do not require any additional tools to install the hardware. At BannerBuzz, you have access to a large selection of green screen stands & displays alongside this impressive display.

The Making of Green Screen Straight Pillowcase Backdrop!

This sturdy aluminum frame snaps together in minutes to create an impressive backdrop. The high-quality green screen fabric is printed on polyester fabric. It is printed using the full color, 1440DPI, dye-sublimation printing. The premium quality high-resolution printing results in a vibrant green color that is fade-resistant and long-lasting. The sturdy hardware of this green screen straight pillowcase backdrop will add more life to your fabric. To install, just stretch the fabric graphic over the frame to create a tight, seamless, and wrinkle-less eye-catching green screen display.

Order this multipurpose and portable backdrop stand now and get your hands on free shipping. As soon as you place your order, we’ll ship and deliver it to your doorstep in the quickest possible time.