Adjustable Green Screen Background

Adjustable Green Screen Background


Adjustable Green Screen Backgrounds Customize Your Photos and Videos

  • Sturdy polyester material makes the screens hard-wearing.
  • An aluminum frame secures the screens in place.
  • They come in two sizes to fit different spaces.
  • For a speedy process, screens are ready for assembly.
  • Background screens are portable.

Long-Lasting Adjustable Green Screen Backgrounds are Easy to Adjust

Businesses that take photos or film videos for promotional activities should change the background for effective marketing. Thankfully, our video green backgrounds help you do that. Use the green screens for photos or videos and alter the background with editing software to keep the foreground the same while replacing the backdrop.

The high-quality polyester cloth makes our photography green backgrounds durable. Polyester is a strong fabric that withstands years of indoor use. The long-lasting quality of our screens enables you to create promotional materials for several years.

A secure hold comes from the black-coated aluminum frame that locks studio green backgrounds in place after assembly. Pole pockets extend vertically or horizontally to fix the screen in position. This ensures the backdrop remains stable until it's time to take it down.

We provide two different sizes of our VFX green backgrounds. To fit your studio or office, select between a square screen and one with a larger width. There is also the option for you to purchase the frame and the screen individually.

Our Lightweight Photography Green Backgrounds are Simple to Assemble

We provide straightforward assembly instructions to make the setup of your video green backgrounds fast. You can put your screen together following our ten simple steps, with or without a screwdriver. Our step-by-step instructions save you time while ordering.

Crafted with lightweight polyester, our studio green backgrounds are easy to transport. You can easily disassemble the screens for travel or transfer them to another room. That means you can take the screens with you to any location to create versatile videos or photos.

Bulk Ordering is Available for our Adjustable Green Screen Backgrounds

You can save money on your order when you purchase two or more screens. Each background you put in your shopping cart increases your discount. That way, you can order as many screens as your business needs and save your marketing budget.

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