Roll Up Green Screen Portable Background


Pop Up Green Screen Backgrounds for Remote Shoots

You'll need a portable green screen if you're planning a photo or video shoot in a remote area. Our roll up screens with digitally enhanced backgrounds will assist you in providing apt backgrounds for presentations, vlogging, video streaming, among other uses.

The green color scheme of these backdrops makes them ideal for film and photo shoots. For consistent outputs while editing, digital printing provides uniform results across the face of the background. Because of 600 DPI printing resolution, these backgrounds look sharp.

The studio green backgrounds are foldable for convenient storage in places with limited space. They don't get wrinkles, so you always get a smoother appearance. Easy to mount and store because of retractable, lightweight hardware.

These backdrops are a product of high-quality propylene, a key factor that helps them preserve their shape and color even after repeated use. They can withstand harsh climate conditions, making them ideal for use outside. Because of anodized aluminum, the frames remain resistant to rust and corrosion for long-term reliability.

Variety of Roll Up Green Screen Portable Backgrounds Available

Backdrops are available in 4 different sizes, ensuring optimal use in various settings. You have the option of ordering a backdrop only, a backdrop with a frame, or just a frame. We recommend getting the entire set for optimal performance.

There is no need to design these backdrops because they are ready to ship. They have a common style that is appropriate for both amateur and professional video and photographic tasks.

Discounts on Portable Green Backgrounds

By placing orders of 2 or more backdrops at once, you can save money. When you make bulk purchases, the savings grow on a sliding scale to help you keep expenses down.

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