Hot Melt Packaging Tapes - Clear

Hot Melt Packaging Tapes - Clear


High peeling adhesive and easy unwinding hot melt adhesive tapes for effective packaging

  • Easy unwind to reduce tension that causes stretching and tearing.
  • Instant adhesion to allow for immediate palletization.
  • Shear resistant adhesive prevents the edges of the tape becoming unstuck and lifting at the corners of cartons.
  • Made of Polypropylene cast Film, can be used for all shipping and storage boxes - available in two sizes (WxL):2” x 55 Yds, 3” x 55 Yds.
  • Quantity below refers to the case Qty wherein 2” x 55 Yds come in a pack of 72 rolls/case, while 3” x 55 Yds come in a pack of 48 rolls/case.
  • Versatile tapes that can perform in temperatures between -40° and 140°C.

Polypropylene made versatile tapes with Maximum Throughput

The effectiveness of carton sealing depends on choosing the proper packaging tape for your application, even if it constitutes a very tiny portion of the packing line's total operation. Achieving the ideal seal for your cargo or any packed goods is essential for enhancing quality and streamlining logistics for shipping.

Different packaging tapes have different properties, especially when it comes to construction and shipping. Choosing the right tape makes a huge difference for maximum business throughput! Our ‘BannerBuzz’ Hot Melt Adhesive Clear Packaging tape has an exceptionally strong holding power, making it one of the most durable tapes on the market. A preferred type of packaging tape, hot melt tape is the perfect choice for shipping boxes because of its superior strength. From manual packing stations to automated lines, our hot melt tapes are built to maximize throughput to save time and labor.

Our hot melt packaging tapes offer the highest holding power to cartons in the industry and perform reliably down to the core. These tapes are suitable for Rough and corrugated boxes which tend to have a washboard surface that may require special high tack adhesives. Our burst proof tapes offer excellent holding power to enable carton seals to withstand stress applied by overstuffed cartons, automated pick and place or palletization processes, transit and storage.

These tapes are manufactured from polypropylene cast film to endure successfully in the wildest conditions. Bestowed with burst proof property and crystal clear appearance (won’t turn yellow) will stand the test of time. Made of highly durable film, it boasts great resilience against shear and tear. The high holding power of the tapes makes them perfect for sealing heavy industrial and commercial use cartons. Made to last long, our tapes are available with a shelf life of 1 year.

Different sizes for secure seals and added production efficiency

Our hot melt adhesive tapes are available in two sizes (WxL):2” x 55 Yds, 3” x 55 Yds with widths measuring 48 mm (2” Approx.) and 72 mm (3” Approx.) respectively, and a standard length of 55 yards, therefore serving a variety of packaging needs. Our 2” tapes are available in 72 rolls per case, while the 3” type in 48 rolls per case. These tapes come with a core of 3” , a diameter of 4” and thickness of 1.8 MIL.

Our versatile hot melt adhesive packaging tapes can be operated in a temperature range of -40°F to +140°F and are applicable on surfaces with a temperature range of +35°F to +120°F,therefore to withstand external climatic stresses and help keep cartons sealed throughout transit and storage.

Easy to Order Hot Melt Adhesive Clear Packaging Tape

Select the tape specifications based on your requirement and easily place the order from our BannerBUzz website. Best to be used within 12 months of date and shipment. Our heavy duty packing tape can be used for all shipping boxes. Surfaces to which tape is applicable should be clean, dry and free of grease, oil or other contaminants. Order Now, and boost your business to the next level!