Poster Calendars

Poster Calendars

  • We use materials that are durable and long-lasting.
  • High-quality prints are easily visible.
  • It's easy to customize the appearance of our calendars.
  • The poster size calendars are easy to install.
  • An outstanding finish makes the calendars look beautiful.

Plan Your Schedule with Our Poster Calendars

Poster Calendars are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

Keeping track of dates and events is an integral part of operating your business. Our poster-size calendars allow you and your employees to stay on track. In addition, the calendars make ideal promotional materials for your company and overall brand. You can give out the calendars as a gift to friends and family and help improve awareness of your business.

We make our custom poster calendars from 10 point cardstock material at least 3 mm thick that is flexible and strong. These durable calendars will stay reliably intact through an entire year of use.

A high-quality printing process gives our cardstock calendars a nice finish and vibrant colors for effective communication. Good lightfastness prevents the prints from fading over time due to light exposure. Sharp images help attract the attention of passersby and are easily visible.

We have different paper types available depending on the finish you desire. Choose from various sizes to accommodate your setup and preferences and different pack quantities based on how many poster size calendars you need for your business. Customize your calendar's appearance by uploading artwork, employing the online design tool, or using one of the available templates.

Cardstock Calendars are Easy to Install and Have an Outstanding Finish

Our poster calendars help save you time, energy, and effort by being easy to install, allowing you to redirect your time and energy to other activities. You can simply place the calendars on a wall for easy visibility throughout the room. 

We offer our 10 pt card stock for the custom poster calendars with a gloss or matte finish so you can choose the reflective factor of your display. This paper material gives the product an excellent finish for a beautiful and professional appearance.

Poster Calendars are Easy to Order

When ordering our cardstock calendars, you can select from one of our various shipping options that will fit your budget and timeline. The option of doorstep delivery allows you to receive your calendars conveniently.

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