Collector Cards

Collector Cards

  • Made from sustainable sources.
  • Thick & water-resistant material with longer shelf life.
  • Option to print on both sides available.
  • Available in 2 size dimensions.

Water-Resistant Custom Collector Cards

Business owners are always on the lookout to find the most unique way to connect with their shoppers. Collector cards are an important asset for business owners to personalize the shopping experience for their buyers.

Our water resistant custom collector cards come with lots of options. This feature provides you complete liberty in designing and creating something that resonates between your product and your buyers.

The size variance of our water resistant custom collector cards lies between +/-3 mm. We offer 14 pt. cardstock matte and 14 pt. cardstock gloss. The materials used in our cards are made from sustainable sources, making them eco-friendly.

Our collector cards are a great choice for invitational and recreational cards, postcards, hand tags, and pocket folders. The water resistant feature and thick material used in our custom collector cards make it sturdy, durable, and long lasting.

Choose from the Wide Range of Templates

Want to find a sync with your buyers but not sure how? Choose from the list of multiple templates available on our website. Some of the most prominent template designs include superhero figures like Captain America, Ironman, Superman, and the Invincibles.

If you already have a blueprint in your mind, start from scratch, let your creativity flow and design your own customized collector card that appeals to your audience. We have a wide range of colors, latest fonts to help you create your next ground-breaking design.

Our Custom Trading Cards are Suitable For All Events

Our custom trading cards are best when it comes to small, medium, and big businesses alike. We have curated designs for corporate events as well as community festivals. We also offer designs that fit the ambience of clubs, restaurants, and music parties.