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Soap Labels: Wrap Them In The Finest

  • Customizable, along with easy writing surface
  • Available in both matte and gloss finishes
  • Choose from rectangular or square shapes for required purposes of soap stickers or other beauty labels

Product descriptions are as important as the products themselves; with customers always keeping an eye on the packaging before purchases. Buyers naturally want to know what is the best you can offer. And the most efficient way of delivering on this expectation is simple. Just put it all on our eye-grabbing labels and wrap it up.

Convince customers with our premium personalized labels, perfect for building the essential brand impression. Make your product a symbol to trust with these soap stickers that you can further customize with permanent marker or even a ballpoint pen. Their versatile applicability makes them ideal to work on a range of soap products, allowing for use as:

  • Beauty labels
  • Health labels, or even
  • Bath labels

These personalized soap labels are ideal for both commercial, and residential use. Made using crack and peel paper sticker, our 70 lb. Bath and Soap labels are available in

  • Elegant, Non-reflective matte finish
  • Gloss finish
  • Different sizes
  • Easily customizable format

With high quality color printing, attach any design, text, or image of your preference on these custom soap labels and leave that mark on your clientele.

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