Canning Labels

Canning Labels

  • Canning labels available in a matte & glossy finish.
  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • Can be personalized with creative graphics, text, and logos.

Our Canning Labels are Well-Suited for Indoor Use

Colorful labels make the contents of your jar look more attractive and boost the image of your brand. The perfect way to ensure that people love your product is with the use of striking canning labels, like those we offer at BannerBuzz.

Our canning labels are available in a range of different sizes, from 2.5'' x 1.5'' inches to 12'' x 9''. This ensures that you get to advertise your brand and your product using the space that you want. This also means that the label can be customized to suit the logo and your brand's name.

Our stickers & labels are well-suited for indoor use. This makes them perfect for business meetings, concerts, and indoor events of all sorts. Please note, the labels are not waterproof and thus need to be used cautiously when outdoors.

You can write on these labels with a ballpoint pen or a permanent ink marker without worrying about the ink mixing with the print of the label. The label remains undamaged, while you get the additional option to write down temporary discounts or other offers if you want.

Stickers & Labels Come in Two Different Print Finishes

Our labels come in matte and glossy finishes. Both finishes have their distinct appearances. Glossy finishes give off a shinier look and can be used if you are aiming for more visibility for the label (in large indoor events or concerts). The matte finish is a great idea for quieter board room meetings.

Our labels are perfect for writing thoughtful handwritten notes on the inside of the label surface. The buyer needs to only peel off the label to read the note written on the other side.

Canning Labels Available in Small & Large Packs

Our canning labels are available in a minimum pack of 25, all the way up to 5000. This ensures that you can order sufficient items at once to match the number of cans you need to label.