Round Table Toppers


Premium-Quality Spandex is Used to Create Our Round Table Toppers

Decorate your event and table tops with our round table toppers. Designed to fit completely on the table, stay fixed and not slide over, our table toppers look classy and stylish at presentations and events. Showcase your company logo on them and create a favourable impact.

Our round table toppers are made of premium quality stretch fabric. The spandex fabric used has a 70/30% stretchability. It can stretch in all four directions and cover the table top snugly. Your company logo will be clearly visible.

To ensure that our round table tops remain firmly fixed to the table, we have an elastic cord that is sewn around its edges. This keeps the table topper in place and does not let it slide or slip. They will easily cover any defects on the table top and give it a sharp, neat appearance.

Our table topper is available in a standard size of 31.5” x 31.5”. These cover the table tops only and do not cover the table from the top down to the legs. Options of a variety of colors are available for you to choose from. The colors can also be matched to your company logo/event colors.

Our Custom Table Tops Come with Full-Color Printing

We use full-color printing for our custom table toppers. They are created using the 1440 DPI dye-sublimation process. This gives them long-lasting colors and high resolution graphics. These attractive, bright colors and clearly visible logos are sure to add a touch of class and professionalism to your event.

Our table toppers are easy to maintain. You can machine wash in a regular cycle at regular temperature using a mild detergent. Hand washing them is another option. Dry them flat for best results. You can also drip or line dry them. Tumble dry at the gentlest setting can also be done. When ironing the table toppers, keeping a paper between the iron and the fabric is advised to remove wrinkles.

Get a Discount on Bulk Orders of Our Table Toppers

You can order any number of our table toppers as you require and enjoy bulk quantity discounts. The larger the order the bigger the discount is sure to be. Check our overview table for details. You can also opt for ‘priority’ shipping at checkout and get your order delivered early.