Backpack Flags - U Shape

Product Specification
  • Graphic Material: Knitted Polyester Fabric
  • Graphic Weight:90 GSM
  • Hardware Material: Carbon Composite Fiber Glass
  • Bag Material: Polyurethane
  • Bag Dimension (w x h): Approx. 12 x 22 inches
  • Number of Poles: 4
  • Printing: 1440 DPI, Full Color, Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Single Sided Printing: Single sided flags will show the image on the back side as a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility.
  • Double Sided Printing: Double sided flags can have 2 separate images or the same image. These flags have a block-out liner sewn in between the two sides

Printing Options

Single Sided Printing

The default single sided printing option has printing on one side of the flag with its mirror image on the back side with 50-60% visibility.

Double Sided Printing

Design will be printed on both sides with the same image or 2 separate images with a liner sewn in between.



Pole is a supportive hardware that is used to display flags. It can be used multiple times with different flag designs. The carbon composite fiber glass pole can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Graphic Care Instructions
  • Polyester, nylon or other synthetic fabrics are normally safe to wash in a machine.
  • Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle with warm water.
  • Add mild liquid laundry detergent to the wash water.
  • You can also hand wash the flag with a mild liquid detergent made for delicate items. Frequent use of washing machine for cleaning flag may harm knitting of the fabric.

Shop for Striking U Shape Backpack Flags for Mobile Advertising

'On the go' advertising can be cumbersome when you resort to traditional options. We offer a perfect solution to this with our Striking U-Shape Backpack that are easy to carry. Highlighting your brand among your target customers requires a lot of time and effort, but with BannerBuzz backpack flags – U shape, you can conveniently grab hold the attention of potential buyers even on the go.

These flags are a lightweight and convenient way of promoting and advertising your brand, product or service whilst on the move at any indoor or outdoor event and within larger crowds. The U-shaped backpack flags are durable owing to the materials used. Polyurethane makes the bags sturdy and resilient to wear and tear. Their ability to withstand rigorous use makes them ideal for any kind of settings. Available in the size of 12 X 22 inches, the compact flags are easy to carry.

When used in conjunction with other advertising display items like banners and feather flags, our rucksack flags work fantastically. The same style should be applied to all of your promotional displays to make it easier for consumers and event attendees to identify your staff. They will reassure clients that your personnel are selling official programs and items when they are selling other things as well. 

Our personalized backpack flags – U shape are available with custom graphics and add-on hardware material. The use of 90 GSM knitted polyester fabric & 100 D polyester with blockout liner make them ideal for moderate weather conditions. The tear & abrasion resistance property of the materials used helps prolong the longevity of our flags.

Available in a fixed size with dimensions 19.88 X 41.5 inches, our backpack flags can be customized as per your preferences. We offer an extensive variety of customization options catering to diverse choices. You have the liberty to choose from a range of different colors, shapes, and printing options to level up your advertising. At BannerBuzz, we use 1440 DPI, full-color, dye-sublimation printing technique to produce high-resolution and attractive graphics on your flag.

Besides customizing the shape and color of these flags, you can even order graphics and hardware separately. High-quality backpack flags – U shape printing aid in effectively getting your message across to your target audience, we offer a custom choice of getting the backpack flags printed either on one side or both sides.

Highlight the distinctive features of your brand with the help of our various personalization options. Get custom backpack flags designed with the artwork, text, logo, or message of your choice. You just need to follow our online guide to get started with the designing process on the website.

If you are looking for some ready-made designs, choose from a range of pre-printed backpack flags that resonate with your brand. Buy Pre-Printed for flags for your business online at BannerBuzz. Enjoy free shipping on all orders above $99.