10 ft Exhibit Backdrop H1

10 ft Exhibit Backdrop H1

  • Exhibit backdrop made from high-quality polyester fabric.
  • High-fidelity dye-sublimation digital printing for greater visibility.
  • Easy to set up or dismantle.
  • Available in the standard size of 10 ft x 5 ft.

The Perfect Exhibit Backdrop for Trade Show Booths or Event Decoration

It’s easy to slip into anonymity when you are in the midst of the cacophony of a trade show or a high-traffic event. However, an exhibit backdrop, through its vibrancy and allure, can recapture the focus and attention enjoyed by your brand and maintain high engagement levels. To be the talk of the town, you need punchy and attractive backdrops, like the ones from BannerBuzz!

Ever heard of something that is too big to miss? That could be your brand! Our custom exhibit backdrops measuring 10 ft by 5 ft can take up a good amount of space and put your branding in the spotlight.

We offer you the choice to purchase just the graphics or hardware or both. You can now order depending on your requirements.

The combination of high-quality material and sharp digital printing adds layers of personality and appeal to the setup and is more likely to attract potential customers. It is the quickest way to get your brand to outshine its competitors as a proud beacon.

“Sorry, no. We do not want to be the center of attention.” ~ said no successful brand ever! So, what are you waiting for? Get a taste of popularity with our custom exhibit backdrops.

Put Your Best Foot Forward With High Visibility Exhibit Backdrop

Our experts are highly skilled in the art of digital printing. They possess mastery in the dye-sublimation process, along with graphics that are true to scale and as per the design specifications. We use 230 GSM polyester fabric with digitally printed graphics. As a result, your branded exhibit backdrop will be vibrant, easy to read, and having defined print for high visibility - a recipe for leaving behind an indelible mark on the viewer’s mind.

What's more, we offer bulk order discount on volume purchase. Our backdrops are not only attention grabbing, they are now pocket friendly too.

Sturdy Hardware That Makes Setting Up the Exhibit Backdrop a Piece of Cake

The hardware components for the exhibit backdrop consist of bases, drape support, and uprights that offer structure to it. These are manufactured from heavy-duty materials that offer immense stability. These units can be assembled easily and the same goes for dismantling them as well. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions that come with the product to have it up in no time!