Suction Cup Flags - Blade
  • Suction Cup Flags - Blade
  • Suction Cup Flags - Blade
  • Suction Cup Flags - Blade
  • Suction Cup Flags - Blade

Suction Cup Flags - Blade


The perfect option for marketing on the go!

  • The suction cup could apply to smooth and flat surface like glass or glazed tile without much dust.
  • Set up is easy and can be Done within minutes
  • Flagpoles are smooth in texture but of solid quality

Get all the attention that you deserve!

  • Our suction cup flags for advertising are durable enough to be used for several years.
  • Attach them to any surface you want, and get the word out!
  • The suction cup flags can be used for both corporate and personal uses!
  • Our suction cup flags are available in three fun shapes: rectangle, blade and teardrop. Choose any of these, and you are sure to get quite some attention.
  • We offer hardware (pole and suction cup) with both our single sided and double sided customized business flags!

We offer both single side and double sided suction cup flags for advertising

  • If you order the single sided flag, we will print in with 100g knitted polyester. The other side is usually not visible so we leave that blank; this brings our costs down, and in turn, you enjoy some savings!
  • If you order double sided, customized business flags, then we will use 100D polyester and block out liner for printing.
  • Place an order for our suction cup flag today!
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