Attract Attention with Humor

Funny Signs Help Get Your Point Across

There’s nothing like humor for a memorable message! A good laugh gets your message across in a pleasant manner, even when you’re laying down rules or discussing subjects your audience might resist. If you think about it right now, you can probably remember at least a half-dozen television commercials that made you laugh. Think a little harder, and you can think of a few signs and banners that conveyed a message in a fun and humorous way.

It’s simple:  Humor works.(When used appropriately of course!)

By now you might be saying, “But I’m not funny. I could never think of that stuff.”

The good news is, you don’t have to be a stand-up comic to create memorable signs and banners with humor. Aside from “borrowing” ideas from other signs (you plan to give the idea back when you’re finished, right?), you can take some general principles of “sign humor” and apply them to your business or event.

Let’s take a look at a few funny signs and see how they work.

Stating the opposite


the Opposite

One great way to use humor is to state the opposite of what you really intend. This zoo sign states an important rule in a fun way by pretending to protect the animals instead of the people. You can extend this principle to many rules. How about: “Please shoplift. Our security guard is watching, and he’s getting bored.” Again, you only want to use humor in appropriate ways where it won’t be misinterpreted.

 Add to Mundane message

Add to

Mundane Messages

“Pick Up After Your Dog” signs have become so common that they fade into the woodwork. By adding a message for the dogs, the writer not only adds humor, she appeals to dog lovers. What unusual “audience” can you address to create a little fun in your signs?

Stating the painfully obvious


the Painfully Obvious

Sometimes you can hit the right note just by being overly obvious and simplistic. This type message works well for safety messages because the consequences of an action are usually pretty apparent. “If you don’t wear a hardhat, something will fall on you, and you will die.”

Using the fine print


the Fine Print

This sign speaks for itself. Highlighting certain words while downplaying others is a great way to create a clever message.

Unusual Images



Raise both your hands if you think this image is more effective than a traditional “No Swimming” sign! A picture really is worth a thousand words. How can you visually represent your message?

Herb Firestone/



A sign that seems to mean something that it doesn’t will always get a laugh. What products can you use to play on words?

Herb Firestone/

Bannerbuzz Mascot Bee

That one might need some work, little bee.

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