3 Ways To Maximize The Impact Of Your Indoor Banners

3 ways to maximize the impact of your indoor banners

When we see signs and banners flying everywhere outdoors, it’s sometimes easy to forget that banner advertising is just as important once we come indoors. After all, customers inside your store (or mall) are more likely to buy than those outside, right?

While some indoor banners have the same purpose as outdoor ones – bringing customers into your establishment – indoor signage also has some quite different uses and some different challenges.

Challenge #1: Space

It’s simple, really: indoors is smaller than outdoors! When you’re creating an indoor sign or banner, space will usually be at a premium.

Sometimes you can use your imagination to “create” some space, like in this example:

Big Noticeable Banners in the shopping Mall

Here the designer literally built the banners into the space. Nice big, noticeable banners!

Alexingwuh/Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes, though, even the most creative among us just need to conserve space. In those cases, banners and stands with a smaller footprint will be the right choice. Here are a few examples:

Bamboo Roll-Up Banner Stand

Bamboo Roll-Up Stands like the one on left are over 6’ tall, but they take up very little floor space.

Wide-Base Double Screen Roll-Up Banner Stand

This Deluxe Wide-Base Double Screen Roll-Up Banner Stand has a heavy-duty base and gives you promotional materials on both sides. Again, it has a small footprint!

Check out all our retractable and roll-up banner stands if you want to make a big impact in a small space.

Challenge #2: Competition

Here’s a good example of the kind of competition your banner may be fighting in a mall setting:

Banner with a giant alligator in the shopping mall

Who’s going to look at your banner with a giant alligator staring them down?

So how do you get noticed? Placement!

Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons

Signs in the Walmart store

Here’s a simple rule: If you can’t get people to look at your signs, put your signs where people look!

In the example  at right, the Walmart store has placed signs exactly where people walk in the store. These signs won’t be swallowed up by a giant fake alligator (or anything else)!


Challenge #3: Style

Outdoors, the sky is often the limit. We can do whatever we want to bring eyes to our signage. Big signs, bright banners, even garish designs can get you the attention you want.

Inside, it’s a different story.

Food Court Signs in the Shopping mall

Most malls restrict the types of signs and banners you can use. Notice in the picture at left that the mall has a very “clean” look. And management wants to keep it that way.

Even inside your own store, you don’t want customers coming away with an impression of an overcrowded store or that they’re being “sold to” constantly while inside.

Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons

There are many things a retailer can do to work within the limitations of style indoors, but probably the easiest is good, solid copy.

A good message placed correctly will win the day every time. Maybe humor is the answer, or just a straightforward message loaded with customer benefits.

 Notice signs

It doesn’t get much simpler than the sign at right. Notice how it works perfectly with its surroundings. No complaints from management, good advertising.


Fun and simple sign in the shopping mall

Place this sign in a mall and watch the customers roll in. It’s fun and simple.


Bannerbuzz Mascot

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