What is Banner Printing?

Printed Banners are one of the most powerful offline marketing and advertising tools. They help businesses to promote a brand/business via logos and smart messaging. At the same time, they result in increased lead generation. The fact that they can be used for indoor and outdoor use makes them a versatile and durable advertising tool. Custom banner printing has become much popular over the years. Custom printing gives power to business/brand owners to market their products/services just the way they want. Custom printing has become so significant in the past few years that tons of variations are now available in the market. As a business, you now have the privilege to advertise through printed flags, event table covers, and displays, to printed marketing materials to so much more.

Coming back to Banner printing, it is done keeping in mind various constraints. This includes usability, branding needs, indoor and outdoor elements to more. Depending upon personal preferences and usage, display banners are mainly divided into the following categories:

Paper Banner Printing
Paper prints, as the name suggests, are printed on paper. They are not resistant to outdoor elements. Though these papers are of high-quality, yet they are suitable mostly for indoor use. They are usually beautifully printed in full colors and can be very often seen at indoor exhibitions or trade shows.

Vinyl Banner Printing
Printed on premium quality vinyl material, these banners are one of the most popularly used banners across events and trade fairs. Their weather-resistant nature makes them a great choice for outdoor advertising. They are usually installed using pole pockets, reinforced hems, and corners. Not to forget, they are highly affordable too.

Mesh Banners
Again printed on vinyl, these display banners have breathable fibers. This makes them highly resistant to winds. The small holes on the banner allow the wind to pass through it. This further enhances the durability of the banner. They are installed using heat welded hems and grommets.

Canvas Banners
Incredibly beautiful, canvas banners are mainly used indoors. The texture, look and feel of these banners make them look like a painting. This type of display banners have sewn hems and are installed using grommets.

Polyester Fabric Banners
These are dye-sublimation printed banners that allow the use of full colors and are quite durable as well. Polyester fabric banners possess the qualities that make them optimum for both indoor and outdoor use. Such display banners are a preferred choice for business advertising and brand marketing as they look very bright and dynamic, making them capable of garnering enough attention.

Let us know which banner would you prefer to use for your upcoming event, brand advertising, store promotions, or anything else?
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