Vinyl Banners vs. Fabric Banners

Vinyl Banners vs. Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are making their presence known in the marketplace like never before! Advanced printing techniques have made fabric the right choice for many applications.

But vinyl banners aren’t going away. They seem to last forever, and they’re the right choice for many customers.

So which is right for you?

Some say the choice is simple: use fabric indoors and vinyl outdoors. But it’s not quite so easy. Fabric can look great outdoors, and vinyl can really POP indoors.

Here are a few guidelines to help with your choice.

  • Outdoor banners

    If you’re hanging a banner for long-term outdoor use, vinyl is the right choice for you. It’s more durable, and the colors are much less likely to fade in the sun or be washed out by the rain. You can keep a vinyl banner flying for a year or more, and it will keep looking great!

    However . . .

    For short-term outdoor use, fabric banners can be a great option. Yes, you’ll have to get them in
    out of the rain, but they give you a softer look for graphics and they look FANTASTIC waving in the wind.

  • indoor banners

    If your banner will be used indoors, fabric gives you that same great soft look, and they really look great flowing down from the rafters. They absorb light more efficiently, so even fluorescent lights won’t dampen their spirits.

    However . . .

    Vinyl banners have more vibrant colors, and they can look great indoors. Sometimes that
    “slick” look is just what you want, and the reflected light can really make your banner stand out.

Here are some general pros and cons:

Vinyl Fabric

  • More durable for extended outdoor use
  • Colors and graphics tend to be more vibrant
  • Vinyl banners are 100% opaque
  • Many options are available including mesh
    banners for high-wind areas
  • Easy to wipe down and clean


  • Vinyl banners can’t be folded, only rolled-they’re
    much less portable
  • High-gloss surface catches light, including
    camera flashes (especially dark -colored

  • Softer look for graphics
  • Flow and move beautifully in the wind or
    even indoors
  • Fabric can be folded into a small package for
    transport – just iron out any wrinkles
  • Fabric absorbs light, including camera flashes
  • Many fabric options and weights are available


  • Won’t hold up in rain or extended periods
  • More difficult to wash – detergents can make
    graphics run
  • Can be more difficult to hang, especially
    if wrinkled

So what’s your purpose?

Vinyl Banner

If you’re hanging an outdoor banner
for several months to announce a
new store . . .

If you’re looking for a high impact
banner to hang over your trade show
booth . . .

Fabric Banner
Vinyl Mesh Banner

If you want a giant, vibrant banner
to post at the back of your
store . . .

If you’re hanging a banner for a
backdrop for a press conference or
event . . .

Fabric Mesh Banner

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