Eco-Friendly Banner Printing- Now Get PVC Free Banners at BannerBuzz

Our environment is at a stage where each one of us, at business and individual levels, should already be on a quest to reduce our carbon footprint in some or the other way. Our quest has led us to offer you our newly launched PVC-free banners, which we also refer to as eco-friendly banners.


Why Are They Called Eco-friendly Banners?

These printable banners are called eco-friendly banners because they are made using sustainable PVC Free material only. The banner material does not include any kind of toxic polymers. They are not just environment friendly but highly durable and inexpensive too. The PVC free flex material that is used to manufacture these banners is a completely biodegradable material, which is a great alternative to the regular PVC banners. At BannerBuzz, we take pride in offering one such environmentally-conscious advertising solution to everyone who is looking for alternative marketing ways that don’t cost us our environment. 

Eco-Friendly Banners- A Great Choice for Short-term Retail Marketing 

For trade shows/event advertising and short-term retail marketing, it is always a struggle to choose a perfect banner that works for the business and is ecologically safe too. This has led to an ever-increasing need for printable PVC-free banner materials. With the increasing demand, it becomes crucial for print manufacturers like us to come up with a mindful solution. The absence of such sustainable marketing alternatives can be an obstacle in fulfilling the needs of many businesses, especially in the retail industry. It is why we at BannerBuzz had been working on finding a sustainable banner printing solution. Aimed at serving those customers who are looking for an alternative to traditional PVC banner printing techniques, we introduced environmentally-friendly banners recently. These recyclable banners are very lightweight, yet durable and low-costing too. The best part? They offer a great quality print finish. Our full color, 720DPI, UV printing can further turn your marketing dreams to reality like never before, plus the added advantage of investing in nature-friendly marketing material. In other words, these eco-friendly banners are a complete win-win!

Though these banners are a great solution for short-term retail marketing, they are a great print-advertising solution for every business industry. Every business, big or small, must invest in these sustainable banners to help reduce their carbon footprint while taking care of various marketing activities.

To learn more about these banners, please visit our website now. 

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