Spring Cleaning for Business Owners

Springing forward means moving our clocks an hour forward on March 8. And that means resetting our internal clocks as well. Most Americans will also use spring as a great time to do some cleaning around the house, like emptying the refrigerator and finally going through that plastic storage bin of trinkets. But where spring cleaning really shines is when business owners seize the seasonal moment to update or overhaul their business plans and operations.

Here are some tips on how to give your business a spring boost and set your success clock forward.

First, Give thanks. Look at how far you’ve come, and pause to reward yourself and your employees for the hard work you’ve accomplished together. This is a critical component of any assessment, because if we don’t know where we’ve been, we can’t know where we’re headed, right? So please don’t skip this step. It will give you valuable insight and help you make a plan with a clear head and a clear plan. Thanking your staff with a bonus incentive or other reward will boost company morale and put a spring in everyone’s step!

Clean out your inbox. This is a small chore that overwhelms a lot of people, especially business owners and CEOs. Most of us are constantly inundated with spam emails, and they tend to collect until 20 junk mails become 220, and t escalates from there. It’s easy to procrastinate opening them as the number continues to rise, and it’s understandable if you’d rather ignore your inbox altogether. But here’s the thing. If you will spend just a few minutes each day reading and sorting and deleting, you will feel SO much better knowing you don’t have a pile of mail waiting, and more critically, you won’t have to worry you missed something important!

Go through your inventory. This is the perfect time of year to clear out your old inventory. Set aside a full day to assess what you have in stock and on shelves, and update your inventory files. You may even want to take this opportunity, while you’re at it, to reevaluate your inventory process. Make sure you have set up a tracking system that works for you and that is straight forward so that managers or others working for you can best do their jobs.

Update your website. We’ve all heard of spring makeovers. But what about a makeover for your website? Spring is the best time to give your business website a new look! Hire a graphic designer and a UX designer and give your website the look you’ve always dreamed about but settled for what you currently have. No more settling for less in 2020! Your business deserves a website that reflects your core mission and reaches your target audience.

Devise a new marketing plan. Have you thought about your marketing strategy lately? If what worked in 2019 is no longer working – or if it never did – spring 2020 is the time to start anew. Set aside some time to look at your previous goals and determine what worked and where things may have fallen short. Set some new goals and be willing to try something new this spring. It’s a new year and there are plenty of new ways your marketing plan can drive your business to new heights. Now doesn’t that thought alone put a spring in your step?

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