Here’s How Spring Fever Can Boost Your Business

We’ve all experienced spring fever. The restlessness and the difficulty concentrating on work tasks, the urge to fling open all the windows, to move furniture around just for the change, to get outside and relax. When you have spring fever, you want all the fresh air and sunshine you longed for over the winter, and sitting still to work just feels impossible. But for all the restlessness, spring is also a time you can boost your business by taking advantage of our natural desire to be outdoors when the weather turns warm.

If you own a restaurant, bar, cafe or shop, this is especially true. People have just spent the chilly months cramped up inside. Warm air and sunshine drive our instinct to get out and explore, and that’s a good thing! Now is the perfect time to attract more foot traffic, and here are a few ideas to get you started.

Take It To The Street

Take advantage of the nice weather by moving part of your business outdoors! For bars and restaurants, this is a MUST. Everyone loves to dine al fresco, and who doesn’t want a happy hour with a nice view? Sidewalk seating is popular in many cities and towns, but pay attention to any permits you may need before moving your tables and chairs curbside. And make sure when you do set up outside that you secure your furniture and bring it back indoors at closing time.

Al fresco dining gives you the opportunity to advertise your food simply by serving it in a visible place. So make sure your presentation is impeccable, especially during spring and summer.

Of course, all the advertising in the world won’t make the slightest difference if you aren’t offering great products and/or services.

Get Outside to Entice Them Inside

Retail stores can also take advantage of the welcome weather change by setting up partially outdoors. Give passersby a tease of what’s inside by placing a few items outside, as long as you aren’t obstructing the sidewalk. This works especially well for antique shops, novelty stores, record stores, and other businesses selling recreational goods. But no matter your business, you can lure more customers inside if you cast your proverbial fishing line outside. Don’t let all those would-be shoppers pass you by!

Put Some Spring in Your Signage Style

Spring is a great time to give your signage and other promotional and advertising materials a makeover. Those pumpkin-hued SALE signs? Those are out. Fresh spring colors/ Those are IN. Make sure your sale signs, open and closed signs, store hours, restaurant menu, chalkboards, and anything else the public will see and read are updated. Besides making your business look good, updating your signage gives the impression that your business is thriving, current, and has something of value to offer.

BannerBuzz offers high-quality, affordable spring-themed signs, posters, stickers, banners, and more. Chat with one of our designers and let’s put some spring in your next marketing step!

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