Key Statistics & Strategies in Logo Design

A logo needs to be identifiable, memorable, and if possible informative about your company or the services offered. These companies offer a masterclass in logo design. At first glance they seem incredibly simple, but they make you look twice. Although their subtle details are small they add character and strengthen the brand’s messaging.  

Target: We’ve all seen the logo: a bright red target. The logo is straightforward and doesn’t miss the mark, because it’s targeted to their brand message. 

FedEx: Another logo dynamic in its simplicity. The Arrow signals motion, which is perfect for a company that is all about speed in their package delivery efforts. 

Basket Robbins: A childhood classic. Immediately lets customers know 31 flavors are available, in a way that’s playful and true to their brand.

There are many important elements and concepts to keep in mind when designing your logo. After all, it’s the calling card the world will come to know – or not.



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