Product How-To: 5 Ways to Create Eye-Popping Storefront Displays with Window Signs Because First Impressions Matter

Believe it or not, first impressions matter, especially when your storefront display is involved. When done right, attractive storefront displays improve message retention, enhance brand perception, increase foot traffic and drive sales.

Window signs are a must-have for an attractive storefront display. They are versatile, cost effective, easy to design and simple to install. When printed on high-quality vinyl material, they also deliver longevity for the best possible ROI. 

You can create a captivating storefront display with window signs if you follow these simple steps:

Design For Your Target Audience

The first and most crucial tenet of designing your storefront is to keep your target audience in mind. Before you embark on designing your outdoor banners and window signs, take a minute to review your target audience. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your primary customer?
  • What is your ideal shopper’s age, buying behaviors, and income level?
  • What values does your target market possess?
  • What current brands and trends appeal to your ideal consumer?
  • How are your competitors connecting with customers?

Once you have a firm grasp on this information, you can embark on the design process. The key here is to combine design elements that reflect your brand and resonate with your target market. You can conduct market research and competitor analysis to see which window display and advertising design trends your competitors are using. Then, find a way to put your unique spin on these trends to set your brand apart. 

Show and Tell About Your Products

There are two key elements of putting your products in a window sign. First (and the most obvious one), you want your signage to be visible. Secondly, you want it to have an effect on the viewer.

To maximize your display’s visibility, you need to look at the storefront from a potential customer’s point of view. What are the hotspots of the display that immediately attract attention? How can you draw focus to certain elements? Ideally, the product should be printed large enough to catch the viewers’ eye and placed at eye level to catch their attention. In fact, it’s important to make your product the focal point of all your marketing materials.Use adjustable banner stands and custom table covers to place the crucial design elements at the perfect height.

Next comes the part where you influence the viewer. To do this, you can use banner stands, window displays and outdoor banners to weave an engaging narrative about the product. Focus on messaging that evokes scarcity, showcases an unbeatable offer, or communicates the value of your brand, products, or service to passersby.

Lighting is Everything

All the effort that you put into crafting the perfect window display can only be visible when customers can actually see your creativity. If you aren’t using backlighting to illuminate your window displays at all times, then many customers may miss your efforts completely. Using lighting for window displays is particularly crucial in winter months when the sun sets earlier. 

Quite often, your store’s built-in and overhead lights will do an excellent job of brightening the storefront display. If not, invest in some high wattage lights and place them strategically near your custom vinyl banners and window displays to shine a spotlight on your message and graphics. If you have the budget for it, you can even consider a backlit display to truly make your storefront pop.

Tune Out the Clutter

It’s easy to overdo your storefront display. After all, you only have so much space to put all your best ideas out there, so you’d naturally wish to squeeze in as much as possible! But in doing so, you’re creating visual clutter, which will be counterproductive and send mixed signals.

Aim for a neat, clean design with minimal items. Such an approach grants a more refined look for your storefront display and enhances the impact of the products. If anything, rather than telling your entire story through your display, focus on creating enough intrigue so that the viewer feels encouraged to set foot in your store. 

Change Your Displays

One particular display setting may be highly effective in earning you customers. However, the question persists—how long will this last? Will customers lose interest in repetitive displays? Make it standard practice to upgrade your window signs and displays each time your promotion, inventory or the season changes. 

Since materials like window signs are cost effective and easy to install and remove, you can easily switch up your storefront display as needed. Don’t forget to check out social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to find storefront display inspirations. Keep these tips in mind so you can deliver several unique window display looks without putting a strain on your budget and creativity!

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