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Breakaway Banners
  • Breakaway Banners
  • Breakaway Banners
  • Breakaway Banners
  • Breakaway Banners

Breakaway Banners


Run through banners are an affordable and awesome addition to any sporting event

  • 9 Oz Vinyl material for easy holding
  • Breakdown option: Velcro
  • Fully customizable, sponsors' logos or the team's mascot
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height

While few moments are as satisfying as winning a marathon or race, it feels even better when you run through breakaway banners at the finish line, or make that picturesque football stadium entrance as you break through a banner. From chalkboard sidewalk signs to run through banners, BannerBuzz carries affordable and awesome signage additions for any sporting event. Our football run through signs are a customer favorite! They always add another layer of excitement for the crowd and the athlete. Fully customizable, sponsors' logos or the team's mascot can be placed on the banner making for some iconic pictures of the winner, as well as lasting memories.

Run through banners are traditionally made from paper and so are good for one use. If not being used at the end of a big race, breakaway signs are always popular at the beginning of football games. As the team runs out of the tunnel onto the field they will often crash through a football breakaway banner. Such banners are an easy and exciting way to get the crowd, and team, pumped up for the game. While breakaway banners are probably most recognizable from races and football matches, they make a great addition to almost any sporting event. Breakaway signs can be used for wrestling matches, basketball, softball, and baseball games. No matter the sport or venue, run through banners are always going to be a hit.

Breakaway banners are offered in a variety of sizes and can be customized to almost any detail. You can splash your team logo or mascot on the banner in your team's colors. You'll be amazed how great your design turns out. These breakaway banners offer athletes their moment in the spotlight and bring their own sporting experience to the next level -- not to mention the crowd's. Especially in the realm of high school football, nothing fosters school spirit better than the football team running through breakaway signs into the end zone before the big game.

Football run through banners ensure your athletes make either a grand entrance or an exciting finish to their event. Football banners and breakaway signs help manifest team spirit and make your sporting event that much more memorable.

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