Rack Cards


Elevate Your Event Marketing with Our High-Quality Rack Cards

Rack cards are an unparalleled tool in event marketing, offering a dynamic way to engage potential clients across various settings like meetings, churches, conferences, and shows. Our custom rack cards are not just informative but are a key to turn attendees into prospective customers. Tailored to your specific needs, these cards are a perfect blend of custom design and superior quality, aligning seamlessly with your brand's essence.

Crafted from 10 pt. Cardstock Matte, our rack cards strike the right balance between durability and elegance. This lightweight thick cardstock is an ideal choice for handout cards, ensuring they maintain their pristine condition without easy folding. Each card is meticulously finished with a non-reflective matte finish, enhancing their sophisticated appeal. The unique texture allows for smooth writing with oil-based ink pens and permanent markers, making them perfect for personalized messages.

Brand Your Marketing with Our Personalized Rack Cards

Dive into the realm of creativity with our expansive custom rack card printing options. Whether you wish to use one of our many ready-made templates or create something from scratch, we provide you with all the tools needed to brand your marketing materials. You can add custom brand images, text, and colors to resonate with your target audience, ensuring your rack cards stand out.

Our rack cards are designed to make an impact, sized at a standard size of 3.5 inch width x 8.5 inch height. This convenient size ensures they are easy to hold and effectively convey your message.

Choose between single and double-sided printing options, knowing that we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality prints that reflect your brand's professionalism.

Order a Set of Custom Rack Cards

We understand the diverse needs of businesses, which is why our custom rack cards are available in various pack sizes. Whether you need a pack of 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1000, we cater to your specific requirements. Our rack cards for events are more than just a marketing tool; they are a bridge connecting your brand to potential customers.